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Possibilities. So many possibilities. Yet, how many actually become reality? Despite the seemingly infinite number of possibilities, it is all ultimately finite. The existence of Khazan itself proves that there can only be so many realities existing at any one time. Many prosper but just as many are destroyed. But what of those that simply could not hold themselves together long enough to exist? This is the tale of one such possibility. Where did it come from? When did it come from? It does not really matter. Perhaps it came into being when a man took a misstep and fell; what would have happened had he not fallen? The possibility was there, but it wasn’t strong enough to create a full alternate reality. Or maybe it came into being when a woman decided not to buy a carton of milk that was fated to go stale anyway? Again, the possibility for a whole new world was there. Yet, it was not enough. This is the story of a possibility becoming a reality in the Nexus of All Realities. When one of these stray bubbles of pure potential somehow gained sentience, a new life was born. You see, this possibility of a reality realized it would not be able to exist as a whole dimension, so it opted to merely be a part of the current existence. Taking the form of a young man, he would have wandered the streets of Khazan, seeking a purpose for his existence, but mostly for an answer to a question he had. That is, he would have, had his presence not been detected almost immediately by the Shallow Guild of Bleak Sunrise. Or to be more specific, by one of its Half-Brothers, Hokuto Mishima. Acting quickly, Mishima arranged for a meeting with this being and struck a deal. Eternal and unwavering loyalty to the one known as Sacriel, and all but for the answer to the entity’s question. What was his name? “Forté”, she told him. His name is Forté.

Powers & Abilities
Weak Strength, Weak Body, Weak Agility, Supreme Mind

Mind not the Mirror Man (Standard Empathy)
Fortés most notable trait is his ability to ‘mimic’ or copy the powers of those he comes in contact with. Quickly seeing the applications of such ability, Mishima proceeded to teach Forté how to get a feel for the things and people around him. This allows him to use his powers much more effectively than if he were to simply try and wait for an opponent to use their powers before he mimics them. A plus, considering that she usually uses him for espionage and spies DO need to be able to think on their feet.

Master of Mimicrum (Supreme Animal Transformation (Empathy))
A deceptive ability in more ways than one, as Forté’s true form is actually just the potential for a form, he can take the shape and appearance of others. By doing so, he gains their traits as well as appearance and becomes much more dangerous than he is in his ‘natural’ state. Taught to use this ability well by Mishima, don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly faced to faced with your idol superhero, a giant mech or your worse nightmare in Josh Stone: Game Master. Woe is they who face the wrath of a Gamemaster.

Sage of Simulacrum (Supreme Weapons Creation (Empathy))
The icing on the cake, Forté can not only take on the appearance of others, but their powers as well by simply manipulating his own reality. This is obviously useful in helping to convince others that he is who he imitates, a very useful benefit in his line of work. That’s not all though, sometimes the people he mimics might not have the skills to get things done, in which case, he is more than capable of coming up with something on the fly.

Duke Ditto (Supreme Matter Animation)
What is a diamond if it breaks simply by being dropped? Nothing but a piece of glass. Forté’s power does not simply mean mimicking the effects of an ability or power, but to actually recreate it by imbuing what he copies with the traits that make them unique. He could easily create a gun, but a gun is just a useless lump of metal. With his power, he can give it the properties of an actual gun, allowing it to shoot out bullets over a distance. Or if he were to try and mimic a fireball, he would actually create it as such, instead of simply generating flames. An offshoot of this ability to manipulate reality is that Forté can extend this skill outside to what he creates. If he wishes, he may even create a lifelike facsimile of a person to deceive his opponents.

Carte Blanche Usage (Standard Tactician)
Ah, the centerpiece of what makes him ‘unique’. Forté may mimic those around him, but lest he plays the part, he has no need to wait for other’s reaction. Forté has no restriction whatsoever to using his powers before the one he mimics does so as well. In battle, he uses his shape shifting to confuse his enemies more than to simply emulate them and has no problem with pulling out a gun while in the guise of a famous spell slinger. Therein lies the talent that allows him to surpass his adversaries. He can think off his feet and that has a way of throwing people off, especially when they expect him to do something else because of who they think he is.


Creator Comments
So, one might wonder, what the heck is this? This being the first of what one might generously call “filler” posts… But anyway, this is the inaugural character posts post. Long ago, I participated in the FPL, but that’s another story for another time, in any case, Forté was one of my earlier and most successful characters.

It all began, gosh, in 1999? Forté himself was possibly created in early 2000, at the time, there were some posts on the FPL message boards on whether it was possible to create an everything combo. Most suggestions were primarily to just take a high level of Weapons Creation, and well, I took it as a personal challenge to create an “Every Power” character.

Thus we have, Forté. At the time, there was another character I wanted to do, and legally, we were only allowed one character at a time, in the end, I had to push Forté back in order to release that character first, ’cause someone else announced they were going to use the same power combo I had in mind (I announced first mind you), still, it meant I was in a rush. So I create the other character, Arissa Mishima, who would go on to win 4 Main Events. Forté was released after her, and went on to win 2 MEs. Even spawning a sort of chatroom meme, in that “Everybody’s Forté”.

Well, years later, Forté was taken out of retirement as part of a new feature on the FPL, and went on to have a total of over 50 wins, the highest win record in the FPL. After that, well, by that time I was already drained. It’s been nearly 10 years in the FPL already, in that time, I’ve made friends there I would consider a lost if they were to ever leave the ‘net, and even lost a couple of said friends to real life tragedy. So after that, I just never field Forté out for fights much anymore. I’ve pretty much done almost everything in the FPL, and there just wasn’t anything left to do.

But here I go, turning this blog about me, when it’s really about Forté. Written in 1999, yeah, maybe the writing isn’t as great now as then, but back when, he had “it”, and I can’t say I’m not proud of the character. There really isn’t much I can say about Forté really, because I treasured the character so much, I didn’t let ’em cross-pollinate very much, so he didn’t appear in fiction much. And really, a character who could literally do anything, with no real weaknesses to speak of, was kinda hard to write for. For myself, I feared turning him into a Mary Sue, and for others, I reckon’ he was too overpowered.

Only other thing of note that I can think of off-hand… that é of his not only made him eye-catching in his early career, but it also contributed to the crash of the FPL at one point. WOOHOO! That’s why the é’s been replaced with a regular e in the original character sheet.

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