Retro Blog: Kamen Rider Faiz Ep 01

I wanna do an anime blog but aside from Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, there’s nothing that’s catching my eye right now. Since I’m catching up on Kamen Rider Faiz though, figure I’ll blog that instead. So here goes.

The episode begins at a Smart Brain lab somewhere, where researchers are working on some belts, presumably the Kamen Rider Belts. And really, what else could they possibly be if not Rider Belts? This is Kamen Rider after all. *ahem* In any case, their work is interrupted by a monster/Orphenoch, who kills them all, much like how it occured in the previous Kamen Rider series, Kuuga.

We then to a scene of domestic bliss, where Kiba Yuji is enjoying the hunky doriness that is life. He takes his parents for a drive, but an accident occurs at a traffic stop. Kiba Yuji’s parents are killed, while he himself falls into a coma.

Years later, Kiba awakens to find his life’s gone to rot. His uncle takes him in, but the coma’s changed Kiba somehow, giving him enhanced senses. This allows him to overhear his cousin and uncle talking about how they don’t really want him there, and in fact, they sold his dad’s company and didn’t want to have to give Yuji his inheritence.

In his despair, Yuji goes to find his girlfriend, who stayed with him through his coma at first, but has since moved on to another guy. Who happens to be a jerk for no apparent reason. I mean, new boyfriends are jerks? Sure, that’s normal TV convetion. But this guy pretty much goes out of his way to be an a-hole. He’s like a bad guy wrestler who’d steal candy from a baby, just because.

But anyway, while all this is happening to Yuji, another story is unfolding. A cute girl named Mari Sonoda is being hit on by some guys. They’re not leather wearing bikers, so it’s A-okay for her to go to a secluded spot with them for some innocent orgy action. Or that’s what would have happened, if one of them didn’t suddenly mysteriously end up dead. Although not so mysterious to us, the viewers, since we saw him killed by an Orphenoch.

Anyway, Mari and crew sorta ditter around, while the main character, Takumi Inui, lingers in the background. We know he’s the main character because he’s the most bish guy in the ep.

Finally, we near the end of the first episode. On Kiba’s side, DESPAIR finally overcomes him. After the jerk boyfriend acts especially assasine, Kiba transforms into an Orphenoch and kills him. On Mari’s side, the Orphenoch shows itself and is about to kill her, but turns out, she has a Rider Belt. She puts it on, and HENSHINS… not. Since she’s a chick, and the Rider Belt is a piece of technology, it obviously rejects her. A random bum (the hero) puts it on and turns into Kamen Rider Faiz (555, or Fives as it were). He fights and kills the Orphenoch. The End.

Overall, Kamen Rider Faiz ep 1 was… underwhelming. Actually, the series is mostly low key but good overall. Unfortunately, the first ep was quite boring. If I had to give it a score, I’d give it 2 outta 5. It gets better, but this is hardly the best ep in the series.

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