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Kamen Rider Kiva 04

Ep 04 continues introducing us to the characters of the Kiva-verse, as well as the debut of Kiva’s Garulu form. All is well.

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Souchaku Henshin Hibiki Kurenai

From Bandai’s Souchaku Henshin series (also known as Trans Armour/Armor), this is Kamen Rider Hibiki, Kurenai Form. From the Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Hibiki. Yeah, I’m (un)intentionally doing the long Mojo Jojo naming thing. Because Japanese imports are fun … Continue reading

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Proof of Some Sort of God Existing, or, the 2008 Academy Awards

Why did this year’s Oscars prove that some sort of intelligent and benevolent cosmic force akin to God exists? It isn’t because No Country for Old Men, a movie one can genuinely call “best movie of the year,” won Best … Continue reading

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