Transformers Animated 10: Sound and Fury

My name is Soundwave, you killed my leader, prepare for oblivion!

In Megatron’s latest zany scheme, he observes how Sari indiscriminately uses the Key to Vector Sigma and creates a robot designed to evolve each time the key is used on it. Coincidently, it’s Sari’s birthday, so Megatron presents it to Sumdac as a birthday present for his daughter. The robot is of course, Soundwave.

Shout outs galore ensue as some story about Bulkhead and Sari’s friendship and Soundwave‘s fight for the liberation of Machines from the oppressive yoke of human dictatorship occur somewhere in the background. All in all, a pretty shweet episode. As per usual, an ep featuring the Transformers as opposed to some random human supervillain wannabe tends to be good. Probably because the voice work is so great. So far, we’ve got smooth characters like Lockdown or even Black Arachnia, and now we have Soundwave, who while he doesn’t use the exact same voice as the original, uses the same inflections to the point of creepiness sometimes. I also like that they decided to make him “logical”.

Megatron continues to rock. He makes a joke at the end of the episode, but the delivery was so deadpan and matter-of-fact, it ends up being a cool “emotionless robot moment”.

***1/2 out of 5. Sari and Bulkhead held the rating back.

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