Kamen Rider Faiz 03

Despair! People who don’t act their age has left me in DESPAIR!

So Kiba’s standing over his dead ex, and a woman in blue shows up. She takes him to Smart Brain, in her blue car, where she explains to him a little bit about what he’s become, that is, an Orphenoch. She does so in a very cute way… except since she’s not a cute jailbait, it just ends up icky instead.

Meanwhile, Mari guilt trips the gullible Takumi into staying with her just a bit longer, saying because he came late, she was injured by the Orphenoch from last episode. Takumi seems like the skeptic sort, but turns out he’s a goodie-goodie, and for the moment at least, he stays with her. But then she annoys him into forgetting about his guilt and taking off. Somewhere along the line, they come across Keitaro, who is naive and extremely pure of heart, but a major crybaby due to how much he cares about other people. Aww… what a twerp. He’s also got an sms relationship with some girl named Yuka.

Speaking of Yuka, she’s the other new character introduced. Unlike Kiba, who had a great ideal life prior to his accident, Yuka’s like a puppy. A puppy that you KICK. Yeah, she’s got a crappy life, surrounded by crappy people. The school gangster/bully girl has more sympathy for Yuka than her own family. In the end, she trips and DIES.

Of course, in a bit of good news, she returns to life as a freakish monster.

Meanwhile, an Orphenoch appears and Takumi transforms into Faiz and kills the Orphenoch. In other words, totally arbitrary. It’s only there because this is technically a boys action series.

**1/2 out of 5. The extra 1/2 is for Yuka, whose life is so crappy that it’s only worth a 1/2 star.

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