Kamen Rider Faiz 04

I’m meeeeelting! I’m meeeeeeelting! Come again dear customer! I’m meeeeelting!

The ep starts with Osada Yuka reviving after her fall. Since she didn’t turn to ash before the opening credits, she’s obviously turned into an Orphenoch. Of course, she doesn’t know that, so she goes back to her crappy life where she’s continued to be treated as, well, crap, for most of the remaining episode. Like Kiba, she gained enhanced hearing, and she used it to save her morally deprived “sister” after said sister got a sprain from dodging a car. It almost looked like Yuka won her “parents” over until said sister, for no particular reason framed Yuka for the accident.

Mean people in the Faiz-verse seem to be like bad guy wrestlers, they HAVE to do bad stuff like kicking crippled old ladies and mugging babies, just because they’re bad, so bad, you know it, ahuh!

Anyway, as a result of last week’s 1 minute battle with the Bull Orphenoch, Keitaro’s found out about Takumi being Faiz. Keitaro thinks Takumi’s an “ally of justice”, but when he figured out Takumi’s just a bum, he decides to steal the Faiz Belt to fight the baddies himself. He gets his chance when two biker Orphenoch show up.

One of these dudes killed the gas station attendant pictured at the top of this post. Why? Dunno, he’s a monster of the week, they do this kinda stuff. His ambiguously gay life-partner chastised him for doing it in public though. Anyway, they had a call from Smurfette (the blue chick) to retrieve the belt, and after retching at her attempt to be cute, they show up in the paragraph above. So, continuing on…

Keitaro tries to henshin, but like Mari in the first episode, he gets Belt-blocked. The first Orphenoch gets the belt and uses it to transform into Faiz, apparently, not anyone can use the belt’s power. Judging by who’s been able to use the belt so far though, it seems the requirement for becoming Faizis to be a jobless bum. Evil Faiz then proceeds to KILL… the Orphenoch. The one who chastised him earlier. Apparently, Evil Faiz was tired of being the uke.

Takumi shows up to save the day, but since he doesn’t have the belt, he’s not much use. Fortunately, it turns out that Mari’s bike is a Robot in Disguise. Or possibly a Go-Bot. The bike has a major inter-species crush on Takumi, as evidenced by the fact that throughout the series, it only helps Takumi, regardless of who’s the current belt owner (with one exception). So yeah, the bike fights the evil Faiz and knocks the belt off, allowing Takumi to grab it and turn into Faiz ftw.

The End.

Oh, and Yuka finally snaps and dismembers the entire basketball team.

*** out of 5.

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