Kamen Rider Faiz 05

Thou… shalt… not… PASS! KICK!

Dude, seriously. Notice the Stop Sign. Follow the traffic laws.

Kiba approaches Yuka after her slaughter-fest and tells her not to worry, he’s not some creepy guy trying to molest a schoolgirl in an abandoned stairway. He’s a mutant freak, just like her, and she should totally get into his car so he can take her to his place and do freaky mutant stuff to her… with her, he meant with her.

So she does.

Meanwhile, Mari reveals she’s the kinda sorta daughter of the mega-corporation Smart Brain’s president. She and Takumi then go to Smart Brain to meet her dad so they can get an explanation on why he sent her the belt. But the reception lady told her that the president’s not available to meet (some crazy chick claiming to be) his daughter. She sends them off (while frantically pushing the Security Switch under the reception counter).

Takumi thinks Mari is a liar, and nuts, and a crazy liar, and insane, and mad, and a lying lunatic, and did he mention out of her lying mind? So he tries to ditch her again, but gets a traffic ticket for being a deviant who doesn’t obey traffic laws. He sells his body to Keitaro for the cash to pay off the ticket. Meaning he has to stay with Keitaro as a live-in employee at Keitaro’s laundry shop as well as rendering… other services. Mari also stays because she’s a moocher.

On the Orphenoch side, Smurfette gets the Tentacle Demon Orphenoch to mentor Kiba and Yuka. But he’s not very interested in teaching them the finer points of Orphenochnologism, preferring to just randomly shooting Face-Huggers to orally rape random people, like this guy.

Tentacle Demon Orphenoch then notices Takumi and Mari, who just happened to be a former employee of the coffee shop he was massacring in, so he sloooowly chases after Takumi and Mari, who did not have the Faiz Belt with them because, let’s face it, it’s an ugly belt that not even a bum with a loud fashion sense like Takumi would wear unless he was about to be killed by (or to kill) a rampaging monster. They call Keitaro to bring the belt while they run to the greenhouse across the street. Keitaro finishes his brunch, changes into something more casual for a public outing, and rides to where Takumi and Mari are. Just in time too, as Tentacle Demon Orphenoch was almost getting close to them. Takumi henshins into Faiz ftw and the end of the episode.

Okay, I exaggerated about Keitaro having brunch, but dude, seriously. He was in his work clothes ironing a shirt when they called and when he got there, he was all dressed up in his winter wear. He was totally taking his time.

*** out of 5.

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