Transformers Animated 11: Lost and Found

Icy: I shall have zer healthy red-headed pigtailed girl.
Fiery: Nein! I zhall have zer spirited und fiery Akane!
Icy: Pigtailed girl!
Fiery: Akane!
Icy: Pigtailed girl!
Fiery: Akane!

Yay! The long awaited episode of BLITZWING!

That said, this was more of a Lugnut ep than anything else, Blitzy’s mostly just along for the ride. And y’know what? The fact that this coulda/shoulda been a 2-epper so that they’d both get to shine aside, Lugnut’s pretty interesting. He coulda been just a regular big dumb brick like Bulkhead. Instead, he’s a fanatical cultist who’s actually pretty handy in a fight. Too bad he doesn’t care to notice he’s got allies when using his area effect attacks.

Terry Bogart, eat your heart out!

On the Blitzwing side of things, all I can say for now is that I hope he’ll get an episode to himself eventually. He’s been the most intriguing Decepticon thus far with his brief cameos and speaking roles, but as noted, he’s pretty much just along for the ride here.

The Ratchet/Sari side story aside, this was a pretty straightforward episode, it’s nice that so far, the Decepticons have all been badasses. Oh, and the Autobot ship’s weapons systems activating? Sooooooo Autibot City transforming in the original movie.

Anywho, not as great as the last episode, Ep 10: Sound and Fury, but a good ride nonetheless.

***1/4 out of 5.

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