Kamen Rider Faiz 06

I’ll say this to start, Kaido-san’s pretty interesting.

So while I was making gay and stop sign jokes in the last Faiz, here’s the info I neglected to put in.Orphenochs see themselves as being at war with humans. At the moment, humans outnumber Orphenochs, but they can make new Orphenochs by killing humans and hoping for the slim chance that the victim will turn out to be an Orphenoch. Kiba and Osada are”Originals”, meaning they naturally turned to Orphenochs.

Onto the episode proper, remember that guy who was being facehuggedly violated? Well, of course he died, but he got better. He’s Naoya Kaido after all. A random bum who wakes up and the Orphenoch Cave (villa) and suddenly remembers that he’s late for a job interview. So despite the jailbait in front of him, he takes off. Osada (the jailbait) chases after him, and they knock into Keitaro before Kaido speeds off in a taxi. Keitaro totally falls for Osada, not realizing she’s his sms-girlfriend. Yeah, this kinda “I didn’t know you were my mortal enemy?” thing is pretty much taken to extremes in Faiz. Pretty much everybody is everybody’s worse enemy/best friend.

But anywho, Kaido is not impressing his potential employers, but his Orphenoch senses allow him to shock them with a few parlor tricks, not the least of which is the non-too-subtle implication that one of them might be… a MURDERER (since he smells of BLOOD).

After the interview, Kaido goes back to Kiba and Osada to ask wth’s happened to him, and they tell him that he’s a Mutant. Kaido actually likes the news, and promptly decides to go on a Monster-of-the-Week rampage. He runs off, and his first victim is the murderous employer, who has been offing his own employees and claiming the insurance (You only KILL the ones you love. Since they all made him their beneficiary, he musta been one heck of a beloved employer).

As he’s killing the guy, Faiz passes by and HENS *BAM!* “Hey, I said I was going to HENSHI” *WHAM!* “Stop HITTING me while I transform goshdangittoheck!”

Eventually, Takumi does manage to HENSHIN! into Faiz for-the-wi*HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!* “Dammit! What’s with you Orphenoch and your interrupting!?”

Kiba, the Horse Orphenoch charges in for the sav*CUE CLIFFHANGER ENDING!* “Ha! See how annoying the interruptions are?”

*** out of 5.

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