Kamen Rider Kiva 05


My number ends in 108, so it’s easy to remember.

Kiva’s turning out to be pretty awesome. The characters are all so rich, and Garulu is wolfenliciously cool.

Kyou no thema… STALKER!

In the present, Wataru lures the neighborhood old people over using a combination of a) his own pretty boy looks for the ladies (and men), and b) his jailbait babysitter for the ladies (and ladies). Once he had them in his grasp, he torments them with soul rendingly bad violin playing. For some reason, they don’t appreciate that. This puts Wataru in a funk. Wanting to be more of a manly man, rather than a socially awkward wussy wuss, he decides to approach Nago, the most normal person Wataru could think of, to be taken in as a disciple so that he may learn the ways of acceptable social behavior.

Nago accepts, though he milks the request for all the ego stroking Wataru could muster. Nago then sends Wataru on a mission to help teach Wataru what it means to be a REAL man. Yup, he sends Wataru to STALK Megumi (Nago can’t do it himself, since Megumi got a restraining order on him after catching him stalking her earlier in the ep… seriously).

While stalking Megumi, Wataru meets Urataros (who is incognito; he has Kintaros‘ hair), who is also stalking Megumi. In this scene, Megumi has a Crowning Moment of Awesome as for no reason whatsoever, she gets up from a bench she was sitting on and started striking poses. Anyway, Urataros and Wataru continue stalking Megumi, until Wataru finally gets caught. Fortunately for him, she knows he’s too much of a wuss to do something like this on his own, and is actually secretly relishing that this gives her another reason to hate on Nago.

In 1986, Wataru’s dad, Otoya, continues to be Otoyariffic. Whilst sexually harassing Megumi’s mom, Yuri, he gets kicked out of Milk Dippe… I mean, maid’amour by Garulu for not respectin’ the sanctity of Coffee Time. Garulu then has a hot passionate…

…cup of coffee.

And pays 10000 Yen for it, or around a 100 US Smackers, give or take.

Otoya later returns, greatly enraged. His enRAGEment festering over the time it took him to walk around the block and come back to the coffee shop. He then has an Otoya moment, which is to say, a moment of awesome, as he declares there are two things that totally cheese him off! a) People who get engaged, and b) cockblockers. He was about to call Garulu out, but Garulu smacks him down once more for perverting the holy grounds of Coffee with his perennial puerile presence of perpetual perversion.

Meanwhile, both in the past and present, both mother and daughter are in the process of being kidnapped by Fangire.

In the present, Kiva tries to fight off the Fangire in both Kiva and Garulu forms. It’s a toughie though, since this Fangire is in actuality, a Worm from Kamen Rider Kabuto, with the ability to CLOCK UP! (ie move with bullet time speed) . Midway through the fight, Nago interrupts because There Can Be Only One! Kamen Rider. Nago promptly HENSHINS… but doesn’t…

Meanwhile, in the past, Otoya and Garulu hear about Yuri being kidnapped.

They decide to put aside their differences…

About NOTHING! To the DEATH fool! I’ll show you the violence inherent in the bloody system!

Like Den-O, the great thing about Kiva are the rich characters. Unlike Den-O, they’re focusing on that right off the bat (har-har) rather than working up to it gradually with silly (but fun!) humor. You could say that Kiva’s starting off at a CLIMAX!

**** out of 5.

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