Transformers Animated 12: Survival of the Fittest

And I shall imbue them with… EVIL ENERGY!

What’m I talkin’ ’bout with the EVIL ENERGY thing? Well, see here’s the thang. Apparently, the makers of Transformers Animated are fans of the Japanese series. First there was the stab at “Car Robots” in episode 5: Blast from the Past, where Grimlock said “Cars and trucks baaaad! Car Robots… wooooorse!”. Okay, maybe that was coinkidental, but then Megatron’s mentioned that he has “Destronian” components and now, we have Gilmer and Blood as cameo henchmonsters of the week. Who are Gilmer and Blood? They were the Japanese versions of the Pretenders Sub-Marauder and Bomburst. Who are the Pretenders? Too much to explain if I explain everything, suffice it to say these are from the Japanese continuity, Masterforce. There’s an infamously bad (official) dub of the series, but personally, I found the dub better than it’s predecessor, the Japanese Headmasters series.

Anyway, here’s a picture that has Gilmer and Blood in it. Oh, as for the whole EVIL ENERGY thing? In the ep that this pic is from, Gilmer/Sub-Marauder stole some corpses for Blood/Bomb-Burst, who then animated them into zombies. You guessed it, he did it with… EVIL ENERGY!

Now, as for the episode itself. Basically we have Prometheus Black, aka Meltdown making a return appearance. After his tustle with the Autobots, he decided he wanted to create humans who could transform into anything. So far he’s only managed to create freaks, so he kidnaps Sari as a test subject to continue his experiments. Additionally, he’s managed to kowtow the Dinobots into doing his bidding via his acid touch.

Like all human based episodes, this one’s really not that great. I suppose it’s decent enough as filler, but overall, a real lackluster ep, not helped by there being a distinct lack of Dinobot badassrey. Fortunately, it had plenty of Fanzone, which is not a bad thing. Fanzone’s probably the only non-boring/uninteresting human, with Sumdac being the only non-annoying human alongside Fanzone.

Also funny now that I think about it, but Fanzone and Prowl do most of the talkin’ in this ep, and they’re voiced by the same guy I think. Anyhow, if you’re willing to miss Transformers Animated eps, miss this one. It’s not bad, but you wouldn’t really miss anything by missing it, except for a couple good jokes.

**1/2 out of 5, the 1/2’s for Fanzone.

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