Kamen Rider Den-O Movie: Ore Tanjou!


I’ll say this to start, the pic selection in this post is preeeeetty weak. That’s ’cause I decided halfway that I didn’t want the post to be pic heavy, but because I didn’t start at a climax, the pics are generally not awesome.

Anyway, here we have the Den-O movie, Ore Tanjou (I’m born). Going straight to the climax/overall impression, this is not a great movie unfortunately. It’s not even good for something that had a theatrical release. BUT! It’s still one to watch/catch on DVD if you’re a Den-O fan… well, in that regard, you might as well have went to the movie anyway, since you woulda gotten to watch it on the big screen. But I digress…

One cool thing about the movie is that it takes place within TV continuity, this is aided by the fact that the premise of Den-O is time travel, so discrepancies are easily ignored, but in this case, there aren’t any major discrepancies that I can think of off hand. Heck, the TV series even has footage from the movie (or is that the other way around?). For instance, the scene this cap is from:

Despite that, no, you don’t need to watch the TV series to get it, but it’ll make some bits less deus ex machina if you did.

So anyway, the movie starts with showing a seemingly random thief trying to steal some jewelry. Actually, the guy appeared in the TV series as a random thief trying to steal some jewelry. This let’s our hero(es) show off Ryoutarou’s MPD as the Imagin take turns possessing him whilst keeping the jewel away from the thief.

For those unfamiliar with Den-O, here is Ryoutarou whenst possessed by Urataros. Here he becomes a limp wristed playboy who likely scored with loads and loads of chicks. Ryoutarou probably never got to enjoy any of it, but don’t be surprise if on his annual doctor’s appointment, he suddenly has a plethora of STDs and a veritable swarm of child payments.

Next is Kintaros, whose strength has made you cry. That is all.

Next is Ryuutaros. Who is pointless except for a) a sister complex (of a sister who ain’t even his sister), b) busting some awful cool dance moves. I heard the actor for Ryoutarou was in a singing group before, but whether he learned to dance for the show or it was part of his earlier career… well, it’s awful awesome. He’s a limber cat. c) is explained in the paragraph below.

The bad news is, when Ryuutaros takes over Ryoutarou, hip hop dancers no longer appear. The good news is that instead, we have these:

While they aren’t nearly as hip, it’s hard to argue with cabaret dancers.

Finally, we have Momotaros, who contributes half the catchphrases to the series. He’s virtually The Rock of Den-O.

The thief turns out to be possessed by an Imagin (obviously), so Ryoutarou/Momotaros HENSHINS into Sword Form and strikes a pose (the one you see at the top of this post). Bear in mind though, that he’s still holding the jewel… but wait, ain’t that an open hand pose? D’oh!

This let’s the Imagin hand the jewel to his contract holder, thus completing the agreement the Imagin had with him. Which in turn, let’s the Imagin use the guy as a portal into the past.

Hana shows up to tell Momotaros what an idiot he is. She’s a super strong girl from an alternate future. He’s a monster who possesses time traveling heroes. Together, they follow the Imagin into the past and THEY FIGHT CRIME (technically, by proxy).

And ain’t she lovely in that China Dress/Tunic style shirt and those gray shorts and those lovely puffy lips that you’ll soon never again see on the TV series because for various reasons they replace her with a little girl named Kohana? (SPOILER ALERT!)

Sword Form arrives in the past and defeats the Imagin, who proclaimed that it already won anyway… Long story short, the Imagin was just a distraction who allowed Gaoh to take over the Den Liner while Sword Form was busy, though he takes time to deliver a Boot to the Head to Ryoutarou. This leaves Ryoutarou and Hana and Momotaros stranded in the past. (I’m gonna TRY to speed up the recap now). While in the past, Sieg shows up (he was a one ep character prior to the movie) and takes over Ryoutarou (who was amnesiac from the Boot to the Head). This leaves Momo with no one to take over save… Ryoutarou’s younger self (whom older Ryoutarou apologizes to for being a disappointment to). Hana eventually dubs young Ryoutarou… Kotarou. Which suddenly explains why young Hana was so pissy when Ryoutarou later named her Kohana in the TV series.

Incidentally, Sieg rocks. Despite a brief appearance in the TV series, t’was without doubt that he was among the most anticipated chars in the movie. And he delivers. Why, he appears for no more than 5 minutes before ordering Kotarou/Momotaros to make him coffee. All the while treating the kid/demon like a peon. Awesome.

Note the restrained RAGE of Kotarou. In any case…

Sakurai Yuuto (young) shows up and takes the crew on a chase to defeat Gaoh and get the Den Liner back, but he gets pwned hard by Gaoh when they fought and got kicked to last Tuesday… 65 Million Years B.C.

There, Yuuto repairs the Zero Liner and they all go on a time traveling montage/romp that sees Yuuto leaving Ryoutarou and co in medieval Japan while he goes off to do some Deus Ex Machina.

While in the past, the crew infiltrate Gaoh’s camp, and Hana finally HENSHINS into a new outfit. Note that she changes outfit not while on Den Liner where her wardrobe is. Not on Zero Liner when they were traversing through time and she coulda gotten an outfit somewhere along the line. No, Hana changes outfit in the middle of the forest in ancient Japan.

The top I can almost justify, but the cut off jeans? At this point, Owner releases the good guy Imagins from their imprisonment. I take the following screencap because… he has a great facial expression.

But it’s too little too late, as soon after, Gaoh defeats Ryoutarou/Sieg, activates his Gaoh Liner and goes to Ryoutarou’s birthday to wipe out reality/time (for that one day, but it’ll be enough to wipe Ryoutarou from existence).

Heroes show up (Heroes as in plural, Yuuto went to the TV series where he kidnapped various Ryoutarous’es and had them all bind with the good guy Imagin) and have a climatic battle against Gaoh and his minions. The minion fight was good, as they edited it in a thematically appropriate order/fashion.

Gaoh beats them all up though, but Momotaros uses GUTS to get up and defeat Gaoh.

The End.

Pardon the brevity, especially in the end, but plotwise, that was all that was going on really. Overall this is a good movie if you’re a fan of Den-O, but for sheer fanwank, you’re better off with the last ep of Den-O. I like this movie but as a standalone, I can’t recommend it, not especially if I wanna intro someone to Den-O or Kamen Rider in general. Hana doesn’t even change outfits all that much.

Yeah, it’s got ninjas and someone awesomely even calls Momotaros an Oni (which was about dang time!). And of course, we got Sieg and Wing Form. And Gaoh’s pretty good for what he is. But alas… Not the bestest of the best of Den-O.

**1/4 out of 5.

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