Kamen Rider Kiva 06

Mein gott! Jiro/Garulu is really the Wolf Orphenoch! This explains EVERYTHING!

There are basically a lot of potential screencaps to take for this ep, depending on how I wanna go with the blog. From the crazy Spider-Zombie stalker guy who looks like he may be important later on despite not being the strongest Fangire; and having a hand puppet fetish (rock!). This is based on the fact that he’s survived for more than 2 episodes. Oh what the hey, here are some caps of him:

I could have also gone with the Manly Garulu with not so subtle politically incorrect yaoi jokes motif. But in the end, figured I might as well stick with Kamen Rider. In this week’s ep, we have the debut of Basshaa Form. But before that, a continuation of episode 05. If y’all recall, both Yuri in ’86 and Megumi in ’08 have been kidnapped by their respective stalkers. Well, here we see how our heroes deal with the sitch. Otoya does so by being awesome, as demonstrated here:

Wataru on the other hand, does it by HENSHINing and KILLING the the Sheep-Fangire. Something of an overreaction, granted stalking is frowned upon by society, but killing the poor fellow seems a bit too extreme no?

Overall, it’s a decent ep, though they’ve totally dropped any pretense of being semi-serious. They’re going full tilt into Den-O territory, which isn’t bad. I really enjoyed Den-O, while personally finding that the more serious entries into Kamen Rider to be enthralling yet subject to taking themselves too seriously at times. Be warned though, this ep has a lot of time skips, which is fine if they only do this occasionally, but I do hope they generally keep it like earlier eps where the time skips are more controlled.

Before I score this ep, I’d like to say this:

I would TOTALLY buy a(n articulated) Garulu Fangire Form toy. If they have that bronze/gold transition form, I’d get both. I mean, heck, look at his chest, it’s designed to have a chest joint.

Anywho, not the greatest ep but it has it’s moments.

*** out of 5.

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