Transformers Movie Protoform Optimus Prime

When a mommy planet-Transformer and a daddy planet-Transformer love each other very much (or are drunk)…

Pics taken from, I had to size ’em down for WordPress. The actual gallery is found here.

Well, jumping straight into the review with a long name, this is the Hasbro Deluxe Transformers Movie Preview Protoform Optimus Prime. Before the movie came out, Protoform Prime along with Protoform Starscream were released to whet our appetites. Protoform Starscream’s an utter piece of crap though, hence why there’s a link to his gallery in the previous sentence. It’s so you’ll know which figure to give a miss as well as reducing the chances that I’ll get to reviewing him. But back to Protoform Optimus Prime.

Let’s get things out of the way now. Protoform Prime is a failure as a Transformer, HOWEVER, the things that make him fail as a Transformer also makes him a good standalone figure. So read on to get a clearer view of him.

First up, the vehicle mode. Technically he’s an asteroid, but in reality, rather than a Transformers Rock Lord, Protoform Prime is in fact, a giant robotic space sperm. One would presume he’s born from the giant genitalia of the planet Cybertron/Primus, instinctively driven to impregnate fertile trucks. The novelty of a robotic space sperm aside, this is not a good mode. In their attempt to add Transformer and Optimus Prime elements to the figure, i.e. vehicle kibble, windshields etc, all that’s done is to weaken a pretty conceptually weak alt-mode to begin with. The only good thing out of giving the asteroid false truck tires is the obvious joke that they can be used to run over rival robotic space sperm.

* out of 5.

Given that he transforms into a rock, the Transformation’s pretty neat. Rather than a straight up fold up, they actually included some twisting about for the transformation, reminiscent of the Voyager Classics Optimus Prime. It’d be a fun transformation if the pay off wasn’t the pathetically weak ass-teroid mode.

** out of 5.

Okay, here is where Protoform Prime turns failure… into success! This is one schweet figure here, going by his…

Protoform Optimus is basically a very generic looking figure, they tried to put some Optimus features to him, but y’see, his generic factor is where he shines. While he looks vaguely Prime-esque, save for the windshield chest; he isn’t. While others may shy away from his non-character appearance, the way I see it, Protoform Prime would make a pretty excellent Troop Builder. Frankly, he looks cool all by his lonesome characterlessness. The feet are munkey-like, but that can be forgiven, considering they contribute heavily toward his…

***1/2 out of 5.

And what nice articulation he has indeed. If I didn’t consider myself an articulation junkie before, I certainly became one when I got Protoform Prime. His articulation is pretty astounding. He can get into all sorts of Dhalsim-osity. He’s basically got everything except double jointed knees and elbows. The arm guards get in the way of his turning wrists, and his back front-grill-kibble is a tad annoying. But these are nitpicky complaints. I think his hips were also a little loose, but that was fixed with the application of some nail polish.

Otherwise, this is one dynamically poseable figure. His generic good looks make it so he can be displayed with justabout any other figure as well.

****1/2 out of 5.

Fun Factor
His articulation and generic good looks makes him one fun to fiddle with bot. Fanmodes are a bit limiting, only one I got is a giant armed alien thingy, or maybe a space frog (Zentradi Pod?) to go with his space tadpole/sperm mode. Really, the robot mode’s where it’s at.

*** out of 5.

A great standalone action figure. Protoform Prime is horrible as a Transformer, but as a toy, he’s pretty darn good. As a deluxe, he isn’t a big enough financial investment (inflated toy prices aside) to give him a miss if he ain’t a good Transformer. He’s good enough as a toy that yeah, I’d recommend getting him if you can find ’em for a reasonable deal.

**** out of 5.

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