Kamen Rider Faiz 07

I wouldn’t call what senpai did “love”, I’d call it the shame stick… of pain…

First of all, yes, he is seriously grabbing his junior’s hand and caressing it across his face.

To recap, someone killed some bum who then turned into an Orphenoch. The bum revels in his Orphenochiness and was about to randomly kill a murderer in self defense when Faiz shows up and beats the bum up. Kiba, who took responsibility for the bum, sees Faiz and was last seen rushing towards the scene.

In this ep, we continue on from that. Between Kiba and the bum against Faiz, both Kiba and Takumi/Faiz were injured and had to withdraw.

The bum carries Kiba for a bit (after all, Kiba did save him from being beaten to death), but then he got bored and just left Kiba on the street. The bum goes home and revels that he’s going to get revenge on everyone who picked on him. He trashes his already trashy apartment, though is reluctant to break his guitar.

Yuka goes to Smurfette to ask for help regarding the situation. Kiba’s really worried about the new guy she says, so Smurfette tells Yuka the bum’s name is Naoya Kaido andgives Yuka the info Smart Brain has on him. Why? Because unlike Kiba, Yuka is a good Orphenoch who hates humanity and wants to murder them, murder them like animals, even the younglings!

In any case, the next day, Mari goes to tryout to be a hairdresser at a well known store. Meanwhile, Kaido goes to his old music college with the intent of being a monster of the week. He’s first stopped by seeing his old teacher, whom he probably respected and therefore wouldn’t want to be seen by, killing a bunch of bullies. He later strengthens his resolve and was about to go on a rampage when he heard some music. Turns out, it was his piece that some kid was playing. The kid turns out to be a fan, who left his home to be a musician because of how much of a fan he was of Kaido’s. Which of course, led to the pic at the top of this post. After that pic, I really couldn’t bother with any other screencaps. It’s just too awesome and disturbingly homo-erotic.

So in the end, Kaido lost the mood and went home. This being an action series (technically), we had Faiz fight a random Orphenoch while Kaido’s struggling with his nostalgia, obviously, it’s all punctuated or juxtaposed or whatever with some pretty nice guitar music.

This is probably one of the first actually good episodes of Faiz, and we now begin to see that Kaido might not be just a random red shirt.

*** out of 5.

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