Pokebattles: Turquoise Version (Director’s Cut)

Battle #39: Stuff Happened in Battle #38 and Then They All Died (Director’s Cut)
Logged: January 25, 1993
Character: Gigs
Record: 1-1-0-1-8-0-1-0-Graham’s Number-6-0-1-9-0-1-0-8-#

So… this is interesting. You mean to tell me that after I came to Turquoise, and then went off with a bunch of the locals like Seryph…

NARRATOR quips in that it’s LANDON!

Right, Landon and ThreeDark and others. So after we went off to another dimension to get the means to stop Bozocalypse waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in Battle #38, Bozocalypse fell anyway and created a “Big Bang” and now everything’s reset. So now everything is kindasorta new yet old, like how Seryph’s Landon now even though he was away when it happened.


In other words… we’re going to just casually ignore any and all inconvenient plot holes but remember any and all convenient stuff that may or may not have happened before or during Battle #38 and set up a direct sequel to the original Turquoise version, only it’s not a “sequel,” it’s actually the original Turquoise. There, did I get it all then?

NARRATOR sarcastically THANKS Mr. Fancy-Pants narrating exposition guy for the RETCONNY exposition that no one… NO ONE except for maybe 4 or 6 OTHER people in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD would GET!

Don’t misunderstand, I didn’t exposit for your sake! Hmph!

Anyway… so what not?


JOHN appears, that’s a SHE not a HE!
DILLINGER appears, his GRIN evil with GLEE!
When strangers stop to wish us well!
We only laugh and pray to our Lords in Hell!
To protect a world engulged in hope and love!
To open the gates to the stars above!
Team Turquoise, dastardly, vengeful, and sly!
Surrender is useless, prepare to die!
YAROU appears!
Yarou! Ia I!

NARRATOR rhetorically ASKS “What now?” and ANSWERS… now you FIGHT and DIE for my AMUSEMENT! DANCE PUPPET DANCE!

Director’s Commentary
Okay, so what’s different? A few small editing and formatting changes, but the big change is that the old post uses the old text-color format of Pokebattles. Landon really spruced up the original post, but I actually didn’t notice until now the color scheme change. I wanted the characters to speak in individually color-coded text, as the old Pokebattles format was… well, let us say, an artifact of the way webpages had to be done in the past.

So, here we go, Director’s Cut in new color and slight changes in text formatting. Oh, and there is some NEW CONTENT as well. See if you can spot them.

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