Transformers Animated 15: Megatron Rising Pt 1 (+Ep14)


Before we get down to Ep 15, here’s a brief review of Episode 14: Nature Calls. It sucked. It was boring and the only semi-interesting things about it are zombified Transformers and the not too subtle hint on the imminent return of Megatron. Otherwise…

*1/2 out of 5.

Now onto Episode 15: Megatron Rising (Part 1).

First of all, Prime is a dick. Second but certainly not least, MEGATRON RETURNS!

All hail the conquering hero villain!

Pretty straightforward ep, the Autobots detect Decepticon energy signatures and presume that a full scale attack is imminent. In response, Prime acts like an ass. As a result, the Autobots are all split up to run various errands, this allows Lugnut and Blitzwing to get the Key (to Vector Sigma).

Starscream finds the disembodied Megatron and they have an awesome exchange where Starscream is barely able to contain his murderous delight. Fortunately (or unfortunately for the Autobots), he took too long to taunt Megatron, and a timely interference from Bumblebee and some mechanical manipulation from Megatron sends Starscream away, far and long enough for Lugnut and Blitzwing (who is apparently also loyal) to use the key to restore Megatron. There’s a nice reference to the old movie when Meg’s is being “reformatted”. But to sum it all up: MEGATRON RETURNS!

While not awesome from a script/story perspective, it is awesome because heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’s back!

****1/2 out of 5.

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