Transformers Henkei Megatron

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that the evil toys in my room are mounting a major offensive. The good news is I have a new white knight to combat them, isn’t that right? My white and therefore good toy.

Yes, I’m eager to fight alongside my… Autobot… “brothers”.

One of these days, I’ll do Kiva 07…

In the meantime, it is MEGATRON time. In this case, the Japanese version of Hasbro’s Transformers Classics Voyager Class Megatron. Who was a sorely tempting purchase for me, but in the end, the colors were just too nerfy. And I don’t even think we really have nerf guns where I am. Oh, but lest I forget, pics are from, the original gallery can be found here.

Back to Henkei Megs, he comes packaged in robot mode. Which is a good thing, because he definitely looks most impressive here. He also comes with a mini comic, a Megatron card and of course, instructions. And they’re very good instructions indeed. I’ve seen many an instructions for even simple transformations that make absolutely no f’ing sense or bear any resemblance to the toy at particular stages. No prob with Megatron here though. Now, onto the proper format…


Looks: He looks like Megatron, ’nuff said. Okay, not really… This is one impressive lookin’ mofo I’ll tell ya that. I don’t know if it’s the case with the original US version, but on this guy, the unibrow looks more like a crest rather than a unibrow. Which is a good thing. He’s also very shiny. He’s got shiny silver knee guards, to say nothing of the impressive chess. And his boots are shiny black too. Otherwise, he’s more of a light dark gray than snow white. I don’t really like to talk about colors, since I think the pictures speak for themselves, but these are worth noting because a) The shininess is very impressive in person, and b) Whatever impression you may get from pics, the actual toy is indeed the aforementioned light dark gray. But it’s still a good color. Besides all that, the only other thing of note is that his head is surprisingly un-Megatronish, it has certain angles that prevent it from being the perfect homage. His facial expression doesn’t help either, but it’s still a good imperious curl. It just isn’t G1-Meggish.

***3/4 out of 5.

Articulation: Somewhat limited. He has it all really, all the cuts in all the right places, but his major joints are ratcheted, and in the case of his hips, it’s really limiting. Like certain other Transformers, his stance will either be too close-legged or too wide-legged. He’s also got some back weight issues, but that can be fixed by simply not pulling out his heel spurs all the way. Let them point down-ish, so he’s kinda sorta on tippy toes. It really isn’t noticeable though, and it pretty much fixes all back weight issues. Other than that, Henkei/Classics Megs is dandily dynamic.

***1/4 out of 5.

Overall: **** out of 5.


In the case of Megs, it’s a very good thing indeed that he came packaged in robot mode with pretty darn good instructions. Because if it were your first time transforming him into nerf gun mode, and you only have the Gun-to-Robot mode instructions, chances are, you’d be scratching your head on what goes where, simply because there’s a lot of superficial aligning going on. I say “superficial” because when you get down to it, the thing you gotta remember is that his knee pads should fit into his trigger. Besides that, there’s a LOT of twisting/turning. Megs is a definite bure tende. Since this is/was a new toy, the joints on some bits can be tight, so I was worried I’d break it at times, but overall, feels pretty sturdy. So you probably shouldn’t worry.

I say nothing of gun-to-robot because gun-to-robot is relatively simple and probably pretty dang fun. I say “probably” because a fun transformation requires being able to shift back and forth, but Meg’s robot-to-gun is a bit too dangly to allow for quick switches. Oh, and by the way, I pity Megs. Robot-to-gun looks painful.

*** out of 5.


Yay, awesome, woohoo! In the original colors, there was green transparent plastic. Here, the green is clear, which unfortunately means that you can clearly see all his robo-bitties. Aside from that, awesome mode. I can definitely see why people would look around to make sure there were no witnesses, then go pew! pew! with Henkei/Classics Megatron. I know I did.

I think what makes him such a pewpewable gun though, is the fact that all his mass is concentrated to the front. You’re just holding him by the left, everything else is along the barrel, this gives the toy a certain heft. It’s long and bulky enough that you could hold it ala uzi, especially if you were a kid, and of course, he’s a big friggin’ gun. It really does feel like Meg’s firepower against the other toys shoot straight up whenst in gunmode.

There is absolutely no fault I can find with the gun mode outside of what’s been mentioned, and despite that, I’m still going to give it the almighty uber rare perfect…

***** out of 5.

OVERALL: ***3/4 out of 5. Megatron lives!

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2 Responses to Transformers Henkei Megatron

  1. ryan says:

    can leave the instructions open so i read how to put him back in gun mode

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