Kamen Rider Kiva: 07

Allez Cuisine!

This’ll be an overall review as opposed to describing everything step by step. Incidentally, TV-Nihon‘s the place to go to get some great subs. You can get Kamen Rider Faiz (mildly recommended), Kamen Rider Den-O (highly recommended) and a slew of other shows there. Such as Power Puff Girls Z, the sentai shows like Gekiranger, Go-Onger and of course, Cutey Honey Live.

Back to Kiva 7, I enjoyed it. But mostly for the fact that Count Sakai looks like… well, a cross between Count Dracula and Hiroyuki Sakai (the French Iron Chef), hence: Count Sakai. He’s got an old man fetish, describing his decrepit old dead butlers as “cute”. This is both awesome and squicky, which is awesome. Oh, and Count Sakai is a pollinating leek(?) vampire, how awesome’s that? Not since vampire watermelons from the Discworld has there been such a cool concept. Anywho, the plot of the episode is that Count Sakai is trying to gain enough life energy from victims to revive his died-of-immortal-old-age butlers, but being a gentleman, he’s only killing his customers. The logic being that he’s giving (and charging) them their last meal.

Talking about what’s enjoyable about this episode, there is of course, the interaction between Megumi and, well, everybody. But the main interaction focus in this ep is Nago x Megumi, also known as NaMe. Basically more of the same Moonlighting slap slap kiss they had up to this point, as well as reminding us that Megumi’s a totally gluttonous slob, which horrifies Nago and therefore greatly amuses us, the viewers.

On the 1986 side of things, nothing really happens. Otoya is still chasing Yuri while being da man. He’s such a Zaphod that he even manages to make “being a lame-o by pulling off magic tricks” into the apex of cool-osity. I think Yuri’s supposed to have a thing for Jiro the Unicorn Werewolf Vampire though, since she’s gunning for him to be the new member in her Van Helsing Fan Club. But basically, nothing happens in 1986. At all. NOTHING! Nothing whatsoe-JiroSavagelyKillsARandomGuy-ver happens.

A decent ep, enjoyable, but only decent. It promises the next ep to be awesome though, we shall see.

***1/5 out of 5.

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