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Just finished Code Geass season 2, episode 1. And all I can say is, AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh god, I can’t stop laughing (internally). Code Geass R2 is shaping up to be one of the most frikkin’ hilarious series this season. To recap/explain, Code Geass was a show about Lelouche Lamperouge and his rise to power. He was the disinherited heir to Britannia, the most powerful nation of the world. When Lelouche met the mysterious C.C., he gained the power known as Geass, which compelled people to obey him. Using his new found power, he staged a rebellion amongst the downtrodden Eleven (Japanese) against Britannia; in the guise of the masked mystery man, Zero. With his brilliant tactical mind and overwhelming charisma, the only thing standing in his way was Suzaku, his childhood friend, who could not stand by as “Zero” undermined the Brittanian/Japanese relationship with his underhanded tactics.

Doesn’t sound that funny yes? Well, except for the fact that LeDouche is a total ham. You know that scene in Death Note where Light takes a chip… and EATS it!? Well, imagine them doing that for the entirety of the show. Or at least whenever Lelouche is on screen, which is 90% of the time, since he’s the main character.

Then we have Suzaku, who also has a fan nickname much like LeDouche, though I can’t remember what it is exactly, but the gist of it is, he’s a putz. A total douchebag. Even LeDouche, whose nickname denotes him as a douche, is nowhere near the douchehood of Suzaku. It started innocently enough, he was conflicted and forced into being a hypocrite by circumstances, but… well, it’s hard to explain, you just need to watch the show and savor as he goes from annoying hypocrite to schadenfreude-bait to total douchebag. It got so bad (or good?) that toward the end, I for one finally started enjoying Suzaku’s screen time. Of course, the reason for that is that toward the end, all his screen time consisted of him being brutally tormented.

Heck, then there’s the Euphemia Incident, which is the most atrociously HILARIOUS scene in animated/film/media history. It was NARM incarnate.

Gah, lightning, and this wasn’t meant to be a Code Geass review either. So to wrap things up. Code Geass R2 (season 2) is turning out to be as hilarious as the first one. A total must watch, though it’s recommended you watch the first season first. Bear in mind that it’s not a an intentional comedy, and the drama does work, but it’s so hammy that you’d break kosher just from looking at it. P.S. From the looks of it, Suzaku’s become a douche-ass.

Besides that, this post is also to say, more toy and show reviews are a-coming. There’s Transformers Movie All Spark Deluxe Cliffjumper and Transformers Classics Rodimus coming up. Kamen Rider Kiva 08, Bamboo Blade overall, maaaybe Kamen Rider Faiz (might just do a whole season wrap up) and maybe Code Geass R2 proper. Oh, and Transformers Animated 17: The Elite Guard.

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