You could say, fanservice?

Seriously, that chick with the glasses standing in the back? I totally know her (IRL that is). Only her hair is black instead of greenish(?)-gray, because she isn’t a cell-animated fictional character.

But back to Kanokon, I’ve seen 3 episodes so far. They say you need one to make a point, two to make a connection and three to make a pattern. So what’s the pattern I see after 3 eps? It’s that Kanokon… is not that good. Not really. It’s actually kinda boring despite all the fanservice and a supporting cast who seem they might be quite interesting. Heck, even the main character, voiced by the same voice actress as the one for Angol Mois from Keroro Gunsou, is pretty cool for a spineless LAB (Luckless Anime Boy). Granted, that’s purely because he’s voiced by Mois-dono (More Mois dammit, MOAR!) and the fact that she’s barely even bothering to sound masculine, thereby making him a total trap (which is good). Then there’s the main chick and her rival, who provide fanservice with much gusto.

Yet despite all that, Kanokon… is not really keeping my attention much. It’s not that I’m against fanservice, but fanservice alone just dun hold my interest. I’m totally dropping Kanokon from my to-watch list. I’m just going to watch ep 4, which will apparently have some magical device that’ll turn schoolgirls into bunny girls and maids/meido and that’s it, I’ll drop the show (Hey, like I said, I’m not against fanservice).

** out of 5.

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