Kamen Rider Kiva: 08

A vampire-werewolf-unicorn x ghost x corpse menage-a-trois? Looks like the Kiva writers hacked into my comp and stole my fics…

It’s been awhile since my last Kiva post, but no recap for j00! This is aboot Kiva 08. Wherein in 1986, Jiro/Garulu kills someone for drinking coffee (before commencing with some ghost-sucking “play”). He also begins the seduction of Yuri, turning her toward the dark path of heterosexuality.

In 2008 on the other hand, Wataru enters Count Sakai’s inner sanctum and discovers… the secret sauce! He steals some to make into varnish for his violin. On the way, he meets Megumi, who is awesome for simply being Megumi. She follows Wataru home, because she’s a stalker like that. When they get to Wataru’s home and he applies the sauce to his violin though, they discover a startling secret about the secret sauce: That there is a secret behind that sauce! Why would they think that? You’d think it was because the sauce combusted when exposed to sunlight, but nay, it’s because Count Sakai stalked them to the house as well and fired Wataru for stealing the secret sauce. That’s suspicious behavior there.

Wataru and Megumi decide to infiltrate Count Sakai’s restaurant again; meanwhile, Shizuka has heard the whole thing with her stalker hearing sense… under the floorboards! Tired of being vagina blocked by Megumi, Shizuka slashes the wheels of Megumi’s chariot, thereby allowing her (Shizuka) to reach 80’s Pimp daddy Wataru (see pic below) before Megumi, and whisks him away to Count Sakai’s for an afternoon of delight (winkwinknudgenuge).

Inevitably, Count Sakai turns into a monster, who dies, and use his remaining life force and the life force of those who ate the secret sauce, to revive his butlers, who in turn gattai into a Rem-esque decorative building. Wataru henshins into Kiva and destroys the building with a Kiva kick.

The End.

Except that while all this was going on…

Nago: Just as planned.

Yes, it seems Nago’s Light from Death Note, insofar as the “sinners” must be punished thing goes. We also get to see the Start of Darkness for his button fetish.

A good ep as usual, but nothing especially exciting.

*** out of 5.

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