Motion Revive Series 2: Altair Form

Let me say this to start, Altair Form makes me reeeeeally wish I had a digital camera.

The Motion Revive Series is a range of 1/18th figures produced by Bandai, based on the Kamen Rider franchise. What that means is that they’re G.I. Joe/Star Wars sized toys. They come blind carded, meaning they’re in little boxes and you have no idea which character you’ll be getting. It could be any of the ones displayed somewhere on the box or it could even be a secret figure. However, the Motion Revive series seems to be fairly good about evenly distributing the figures, so you’ve got even chances at any character. Taking into account that they’re fairly inexpensive (they’re actually cheaper than Star Wars where I am), it’s not that bad.

This review is on Altair Form, who can be found in the second “wave” of the Motion Revive Series. He’s from the Den-O series of the Kamen Rider franchise, and is the second Rider (superhero) of the show.


I for one, seldom pay attention to the minute details of a character. For that reason, I have no effin’ clue as to whether some characters are uber show accurate or not. For all I know, he could be 110% accurate, or not at all. That said, Altair Form looks reasonably like his TV counterpart as far as I’m concerned. Sure, there are some colors that don’t match up, but hey, this is a tiny little figure on the cheap, the accuracy is decent enough, especially overall resemblance.

Frankly, it does not matter. Even for people who have never watched Kamen Rider: Den-O, Altair is visually pleasing. The shape of the eyes might be a little off putting for the very casual collector, but aside from that, he’s generically aesthetically pleasing. He’s got a head crest thing going which I thought looked silly in the show, but here in toy form, it’s got a nice “crown” effect to it.

Among the themes in the Den-O series is that of trains traveling through time; for that reason, railways and the like feature heavily on the character designs. This is something I never noticed before, but Altair’s got a forked road/double railway theme going that’s quite appropriate for the character and gives this toy a unique look as well.

Don’t let the picture at the top fool you on his colors either. That green’s quite vibrant without being garish or neon, but most of all, that yellow is actually a really nice gold that compliments the green very well.

Additionally, you can’t see this in the picture either, but he’s got a very intricate belt as well. Oddly enough, despite being large and busy, it looks really neat. I guess a toy with an oversized belt is way less goofy than an actual guy with and oversized belt.

**** out of 5.


Mmm, articulation *garglegarglegargle*

I’m tempted to just give him a perfect score here and call it a day. But oh well, first the nitty gritty, then the score.

Being as he’s among the most no frills of this set of Motion Revive figs, Altair Form’s generally unrestricted in his mobility. And what mobility he has!

Neck = Balljoint
Shoulders = DOUBLE balljoints (gives pec as well as shoulder movement)
Biceps = Cut joint (turns 360)
Elbows = Double-jointed (bends almost 180)
Wrists = Cut joint (turns 360)
Mid-torso = Balljointed
Hips = Balljointed
Thighs = Cut joint (turns 360)
Knees = Double-jointed (bends almost 180)
Ankles = Balljointed

The only downside to his articulation is that the nature of his double balljointed shoulders prevents him from lifting his arms to the side all the way. But the trade off is that he can position his shoulders front and back, even up or down.

In the show, Altair is fond of using professional wrestling moves, so what I did when I played around with him was to check Google for some wrestling holds, and tried to emulate them with him. You wouldn’t believe how fun it was to have him torture his brethren with such maneuvers. I think I spent hours on having Altair twisting and bending and stretching another Motion Revive figure into an unrecognizable heap. I soooo wish I had a digital camera to take pics and post ’em up for y’all to see.

***** out of 5, perfect victoly!


Altair comes with, geeze, I’m not sure. I opened him up with the other figures in the set and mixed up the pieces. I think he comes with a sword and a couple of belt attachments. The attachments look good but I never bothered to put them on as they’d be a hindrance. Also, the sword is decent but looks more like a “skeleton sword” than an actual sword. It looks as if it’s just the frame of a sword.

All said accessories are an unpainted black, which alas, does nothing to bring out their detail.

Adequate, but no cigar.

*** out of 5.


**** out of 5.

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