Motion Revive Series 2: Gun Form

Can I be reviewed? Can’t hear you!

*cue leg-dancers*

The Motion Revive Series is a range of 1/18th figures produced by Bandai, based on the Kamen Rider franchise. What that means is that they’re G.I. Joe/Star Wars sized toys. They come blind carded, meaning they’re in little boxes and you have no idea which character you’ll be getting. It could be any of the ones displayed somewhere on the box or it could even be a secret figure. However, the Motion Revive series seems to be fairly good about evenly distributing the figures, so you’ve got even chances at any character. Taking into account that they’re fairly inexpensive (they’re actually cheaper than Star Wars where I am), it’s not that bad.

This review is on Gun Form, who can be found in the second “wave” of the Motion Revive Series. He’s from the Den-O series of the Kamen Rider franchise, and is one of the many forms of the main character, Nogami Ryotarou. In the show, when Ryotarou transforms/henshins into Plat Form, he can further combine/gattai with a time-demon-monster to become another form. In this case, it’s Ryuutaros, the Dragon Imagin (aforementioned time-demon-monster), who’ll transform Plat Form into Gun Form when they merge.


To be honest, he looks kinda chubby for Gun Form. In the show, Gun Form liked to incorporate dance into his movements, thereby giving the impression of a lithe agile figure. At this size though, his shoulder pads and sculpted armor gives Gun Form the impression of a stocky upper body. While it doesn’t look bad generically, it does give it a certain “off” feeling.

That aside, he does look good, but mine has some problems. Overall, the Motion Revive Series seems to be exceptional in terms of paint apps, but on my Gun Form, there seems to be some scratching on his gold head crest right off the bat. Perhaps it got scrapped pre-sealed? Also, there’s a bit of extra sprue/plastic on his chess on my figure. Overall, these are very minor problems, and except for the head crest, I don’t really notice it.

*** out of 5.


Gun Form shares the same articulation as Altair Form, which are:

Neck = Balljoint
Shoulders = DOUBLE balljoints (gives pec as well as shoulder movement)
Biceps = Cut joint (turns 360)
Elbows = Double-jointed (bends almost 180)
Wrists = Cut joint (turns 360)
Mid-torso = Balljointed
Hips = Balljointed
Thighs = Cut joint (turns 360)
Knees = Double-jointed (bends almost 180)
Ankles = Balljointed

However, due to his shoulder pads, he won’t be throwing his arms straight up in the air. Normally that would be a major shame, but thanks to the articulation of the series in general, he can still perform his signature poses, including his hat tipping pose. As well as break into some extreme leg poses. He’s not as good as Altair Form, but good enough.

**** out of 5.


Gun Form comes with… a gun. Well, that and a couple of side pieces for his belt, much like Altair Form. They aren’t as bulky, so they’re less conspicuous. The gun, like all the other weapon accessories of the line, is unpainted black though. So while it has cool detailing, the details are all lost. Which is a crying shame.

Not the most impressive set of accessories, but adequate, given the character.

*** out of 5.


*** out of 5.

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