Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Martians, why did it have to be martians?

To be honest, I had no intention of picking up any Indy Jones toys. While I’d have loved a nice stereotypical Arab, Nazi or Communist toy or indeed, a toy of Indy himself, a quick glance at the toy shelves told me that none of the offers on display quite match my taste. The main drawback was of course, at 3.75″ scale, the toys tend to have unattractive faces. The Raiders of the Lost Ark Indy is a particularly egregious specimen. His face looks downright DOOFY. But I was opened to possibilities, so after going through the shelves some more, I chanced upon this guy. Indiana Jones himself, the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull type.


Based on the now older Harrison Ford, this figure’s face actually sort of looks like Ford at certain angles… and David Duchovny at others. With the removable hat on, he can even pass for a younger Indy.

Hasbro seems pretty good with giving their modern 1/18th figures wrinkled clothing, and it’s no exception with Indy. The colors and the wrinkles give him a realistic leather jacket look. Speaking of which, his sculpting consists of multiple layers, such as the vest part of the jacket, his handbag (heheh…) and the holster belt. Nice!

**** out of 5.


Articulation is good. It’s got that ball-system that Hasbro’s fond of, and it’s used for all the major joints. Oh well, might as well just list this all down:

Neck = Cut joint (turns 360)
Shoulders = Balljoint system (full range of motion)
Elbows = Balljoint system (only bends 90, otherwise full range)
Wrists = Cut joint (turns 360)
Waist = Cut joint (turns, but restricted by sculpt)
Hips = T-joint (looks good, but only forward/back movement)
Knees = Balljoint system (only bends 90, otherwise full range)
Ankles = Balljoint system (full range, but restricted by sculpt)

Overall, Indy’s pretty articulated. His hips are a point of contention. Their range is limited due to the type of joints used, which severely limits his leg poses. But aesthetically, it’s the better choice. Since we’re dealing with an iconic character here, I’m more forgiving that they chose form over function.

***1/2 out of 5.


I’ll keep this part brief and sum it up in the Overall segment.

Removable Hat = Very nice.
Pistol = Again, very nice. Somewhat tiny but in scale-ish.
Whip = Awesome. It’s made of a plastic that you can bend about for the perfect mix of form and function.
Crystal Skull/Extra Hand = Alas, the default hand is attached to the skull, which is very obviously a Martian skull of the Jonn Jonzz variety. Fortunately, it comes with an extra hand for non-skull action, but a seperate skull would have been nice.
Crate with secret accessory & sticker = Not yet opened, should be nice. The crate is so purdy, I don’t wanna crack it opened though.

I can’t see any reason not to give Indy a perfect score here, so I won’t deny him his due.

***** out of 5.


Indy comes with a nice load of options. In addition to bearing an actual resemblance to Harrison Ford, having the classic Indy look and good articulation, this is the definitive Indy figure of this scale. He works well for both old and young Indy. For what he is, he deserves a perfect score; but due to comparatively lower general playability against the likes of Motion Revive figures like Altair Form, I’ll give Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull…

****3/4 out of 5.

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