Motion Revive Series 2: Wing Form

The world revolves around my awesome paint job!

The Motion Revive Series is a range of 1/18th figures produced by Bandai, based on the Kamen Rider franchise. What that means is that they’re G.I. Joe/Star Wars sized toys. They come blind carded, meaning they’re in little boxes and you have no idea which character you’ll be getting. It could be any of the ones displayed somewhere on the box or it could even be a secret figure. However, the Motion Revive series seems to be fairly good about evenly distributing the figures, so you’ve got even chances at any character. Taking into account that they’re fairly inexpensive (they’re actually cheaper than Star Wars where I am), it’s not that bad.

This review is on Wing Form, who can be found in the second “wave” of the Motion Revive Series. He’s from the Den-O series of the Kamen Rider franchise, and is one of the many forms of the main character, Nogami Ryotarou. In the show, when Ryotarou transforms/henshins into Plat Form, he can further combine/gattai with a time-demon-monster to become another form. In this case, it’s Sieg, the Swan Imagin (aforementioned time-demon-monster), who’ll transform Plat Form into Wing Form when they merge. Although initially appearing as Wing Form for only about a minute, Sieg made quite an impact. He was in the first Den-O movie of course, and even makes a surprise cameo later on in the series. Sieg rocks because he truly thinks the world revolves around him, even in the face of fading from existence.


Wing Form has often been criticized for being a repaint of Sword Form, but I beg to differ. While there is a definite parts reuse in the torso section, his differences in other areas make it so that he isn’t especially cost cutting as compared to the other forms in Den-O. Maybe in terms of the costumes worn by the actors, sure, they saved cost by simply sticking a new pair of eyes on Sword Form and wearing the new Wing Belt from the toy company. But toy-wise, he’s still got a new head sculpt like the other Forms, and where his torso is reused, his waist is a new piece. He also requires differently colored plastic, so you couldn’t simply reuse the exact same base body as with the other forms. So it all balances out.

Putting those issues aside, Wing Form is simply beeee-yew-ti-full. I’ve always found the eyes for Sword Form to be doofy, but not so on Wing Form, who somehow manages to make oversized winged eyes work. The simplistic white and silver paint job also works wonderfully, giving Wing Form a simple yet elegant bearing.

The belt is perhaps a tad overlarge and ostentatious, but I can live with it. In some ways, Wing Form is the best looking of the entire bunch. Or if he isn’t, he’s at least on par with the top. Advent! Above everything else!

***** out of 5. Granted I’m being less harsh with the 1/18ths vs my Transformers…


Wing Form shares the same articulation with Gun Form. That is to say he has a wide range of movement, but the shoulder pads restrict his upper arm movement. Like Gun Form, he can still manage most of his signature poses anyway.

Neck = Balljoint
Shoulders = DOUBLE balljoints (gives pec as well as shoulder movement)
Biceps = Cut joint (turns 360)
Elbows = Double-jointed (bends almost 180)
Wrists = Cut joint (turns 360)
Mid-torso = Balljointed
Hips = Balljointed
Thighs = Cut joint (turns 360)
Knees = Double-jointed (bends almost 180)
Ankles = Balljointed

***3/4 out of 5. The -1/4 vs Gun Form’s even **** is due to not being able to do at least one of his major poses.


This here is one area where Wing Form outshines the previous two Motion Revive Series 2 Den-O figures reviewed.

In addition to having an extra pair of hands (in a salute/chop pose), and the side accessories that clip onto his belt (same as Gun Form), Wing Form’s weapons are a tomahawk/hatchet and a boomerang. Bot of which look awesome despite being unpainted black. The hatchet is especially nice as far as axe weapons go, but the boomerang seems to be even cooler than the TV counterpart for some inexplicable reason. Much like the Indy Jones figure, I can’t think of any vital piece of additional accessory I’d like for Wing Form (a pointy finger perhaps?). So for that reason, a perfect score in this department.

***** out of 5.


**** out of 5.

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