Transformers Animated: Battle Begins

I cannot wait to fight alongside my… Autobot… “brother” in the Battle Begins.

Pics and Links to come later… not at all… maybe.

The Transformers Animated Battle Begins 2-Pack, as you can tell from the pic, is a versus pack consisting of Transformers Animated Deluxe Battle Damaged Earth Mode Optimus Prime and Transformers Animated Deluxe Battle Damaged Cybertronian Megatron. Thank you franchises with size classes and convoluted storylines that provide to us, overly long names. We sacrifice unto thee this review. Amen.

Funny enough, Earth Prime never fought Cybertron Megatron, and probably never will unless they’re having a dream episode where Prime’s fighting some inner demon or whatever. Prime in his Cybertronian mode fought Cyb Megsy in the premiere ep, and of course, whenst next they met, they were both already in their Earth modes.

Speaking of battles between Prime and Megs, I’ve got a major spoiler here. Ready? In the Transformers Animated Battle Begins 2-Pack, the Megatron toy pwns Prime so much, I almost wanna just give the Prime to my nephews or something. Not that Prime is bad, in fact, let’s taketh a look at his review proper, shall we?

Optimus Prime

Major Issues

I’m going to state these things here rather than have them hidden in the other categories of the review. Be way careful when you get Prime (and maybe Megs), these two figures come with a spring-action gimmick. Turn their bodies to the side, and they’ll snap back into position. It means that they lose waist poseability despite having articulation there; but that’s okay with me. The problem is this, the way the spring is positioned in my Prime, he’s permanently posed with his body facing off center. Of course, you can’t just reposition him back, the spring will put him off center again.

What I did was use a screwdriver to open him up by removing the 3 screws on his… rear bumper… and by rear bumper I mean his ass; and once opened, I reposition his torso to face forward. Then I just screwed his ass back on. There might be some resistance, but just screw it closed. He lost his action feature, but at least he’s facing forward now.

Viva innuendo!

Robot Mode

He looks good. He looks even better than his cartoon counterpart. Though that has to do with the cartoon version being a bit of a background character, so you don’t normally get a strong vibe from him. Toy Prime is permanently puffed up, with his battle mask on though. He looks like he’s ready for action and gives off an ample amount of bravado.

The battle damage is also pretty good, and is among the reasons why I got him. Paint apps is pretty good as well, Hasbro stuff for some reason, always has that little bit of small yet noticeable (once out of packaging) imperfection to the paint job, not so with Prime here.

What else? What else? Like I said, he looks good. I like his feet, for some reason, that stuck out to me. Overall, he looks like Animated, yet due to the mask and general good construction, he could still stand next to your conventional Transformers.

The bad of it though, is his big ol’ chest and not so big other things. Looking at him from an angle, his body almost looks hollow, not helped by his overwhelming chest and the warped shapes of Animated. Additionally, from certain angles, you don’t even notice his thin white waist, so it gives the impression he’s like an Energon Deluxe Autobot (ie no pelvis). Which is not true, but that’s the impression.

In the end, I just can’t fault his looks too much. He looks great.

***1/2 out of 5.


Pretty gosh darn good for a Deluxe, but the fact that he pales to Megatron detracts from my enjoyment of him.

***1/2 out of 5.


Neat and interesting, the centerpiece of it is that little lights/siren thing though, which sucks, because there’s a lot of aligning to do. It doesn’t help that as an Animated toy, his proportions are all warped, so when I was transforming the first time, it gave me a lot of trouble, as there’s some weird angles involved. Technically good, but not as enjoyable as others I’ve had.

**1/2 out of 5.

Vehicle Mode

Good from the front and sides, until you take a closer look. As show accurate as it may or may not be, as a standalone truck, those weird gaps are… weird. I just don’t enjoy this alt mode. But you mileage will vary.

*1/2 out of 5.


It’s not that Prime is not a good toy. He’s good. In fact, if you’re a fan of the character, I would say he’s awesome. And he comes with an uber axe that lights up really well. But he’s just utterly pwned by The Goddamn Megatron to the point that my interest in him is severely lacking.

**** out of 5.



Nothing major as with Prime. Megatron’s hips are WAY loose, straight out of the box. I had to immediately apply the nail polish solution. For y’all, apply super glue if that’s your preferred method. For those who don’t know how to tighten balljoints or don’t have the facilities for some reason, then this can be a major issue. Please be advised.

Robot Mode

Looks awesome. Only downside is that there are landing wheels on the forearms facing forward. And the fusion cannon is a little too ostentatious, but hey, that’s based on the Animated model. Watch out for the battle damage just above the right eye however. Make sure you choose one that doesn’t give the impression he has a big ol’ mole above his eye.

Speaking of eyes, he has beautiful eyes with great light piping. The light piping works for more than just his eyes too, they also work for his biceps. The result is that he looks positively pulsating with power when light piped. The fact that his body is a dull gray rather than the Voyager’s pearly white also means that in low lighting conditions, his light piping flare up but his body veritably absorbs the light around him. Giving him a shadowed persona look that is mindbogglingly cool.

FYI, in the Voyager version, his ribs and feet and other bits are also made of clear red plastic.

Anyway, for Deluxe Megatron, the score for Robot Mode/Looks is…

****1/2 out of 5.


Megatron is a tiny little plastic GOD. One with godlike articulation. Once the hips problem is solved, he pwns ooooh soooo muuuch.

Since the 2007 Movie line (for the non-movie chars at least), the Deluxes have been getting better articulation. I guess Hasbro wanted to put forth a product that’s almost collector worthy. It doesn’t always work, but the intention’s there, and is appreciated. Take for example, Wreckage. He has waist articulation, something very rare in Deluxes indeed. And yet, his kibble rendered it worse than useless, it’s almost a drawback.

Animated Cybertron Megs, with his no frills basic design, is just not at all affected by kibble issues. And despite leaning heavily toward the more kiddy demographic, Hasbro certainly didn’t skimped with Animated Megatron’s articulation. Not only is he extremely poseable for a Transformer, or even just a toy in general, but he puts stuff like the Justice League toys with their similar art style to shame. Granted he’s a robot and is able to have some liberties, but heck, look at the other Animated toys. They put the Batman and JLU and similar toys to utter embarrassment, moreso with Megatron here.

***** out of 5.


The transformation would be neat and fun if the payoff wasn’t so weak. As a result, transformation is pointless.

* out of 5.

Vehicle Mode


The score is…

Crap out of 5/-** out of 5. Megatron might as well be an Action Master.


Oh… my… gawd… Megatron rocks. Yeah, he scored poorly in the last couple categories, in fact, he sucked ass there. But he redeems himself here. Can we say… Cybertronian Centaur Mode? Can be say… Super Mega Ultra (but missing legs) Upper Body Mode?

I will not tell a lie, I spent a good chunk of time talking in a Megatron voice while fiddling with this guy. He’s as cute as Yotsuba.

***** out of 5.


All hail Megatron! Wisest and most dashing of Decepticons! Who will bring us ALL to GLOOOORIOUS new heights of TRIUMPHANT and-


Just… go!

****99/100 out of 5. Only one thing, the ONLY thing that stands in his way of a perfect ***** is Classics Prime.

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