Motion Revive Series 2: Gatack & The Bee

Grandma said, I am the Q without the U in your alphabet soup; The soft summer breeze of your discontent; I am… Kabuto! characterreviewofgatackandthebeeandnotkabutohimselfnononope!

A double feature this time, as work has been too all consuming these past couple months, I’ll have to do this kinda thing if I want to catch up. Onto the review, as per post title, we’ll be doing Gatack and The Bee. Both are from the Kamen Rider series known as Kabuto.

For Kabuto, I saw the first ep when it came out, but had to drop the series for various reasons I don’t remember. That being said, I was always very fond of the character designs since they were initially released. Due mainly to the fact that Kabuto had a suitably insectoid look. As the series went on, more Riders joined the fray, and happily, they too were insectoid. Among the Riders aside from Kabuto himself, are these guys, Gatack and The Bee.

Motion Revive-wise, all the figures basically share the same engineering, and since the engineering rocks, virtually all the figures are good. They all have generally good painting and they all share the same basic (and superb) articulation, which is:

Neck = Balljoint
Shoulders = DOUBLE balljoints (gives pec as well as shoulder movement)
Biceps = Cut joint (turns 360)
Elbows = Double-jointed (bends almost 180)
Wrists = Cut joint (turns 360)
Mid-torso = Balljointed
Hips = Balljointed
Thighs = Cut joint (turns 360)
Knees = Double-jointed (bends almost 180)
Ankles = Balljointed

So that’s the conclusion of more or less every Motion Revive Series if you don’t want to read through the details. With that in mind, I’ll focus on the differences of each figure than sing the same old song everytime for the Motion Revive figs.

Gatack is the second main Rider in the Kabuto series, after Kabuto himself. As you can see, his leitmotif is that of a Stag Beetle. Personally, I thought he was the most visually pleasing of all the Kabuto designs, and his MRS figure doesn’t disappoint. The blue beetle buckle belt is dorky due to the size and solid color, and due to his mandible head crest, it looks as if he’s looking down all the time. But aside from that, Gatack is golden in the looks department. He just exudes all kinds of cool, and is arguably one of the best looking figs in this set.

Articulation wise, due to the lack of shoulder kibble, he can raise his arms up to the side a bit more than some of the others, maybe around 60 to 70 degrees? So that’s good. Otherwise, he’s got the same great articulation as most MRS figs.

An issue with my Gatack when I got him was that his mid torso joint was floppy. This seems to be an exception, as I’ve never encountered this problem elsewhere with the MRS figures. This put Gatack way low on my list of MRS figs, but thankfully, I finally couldn’t stand the floppiness. So I unscrewed the screw on his back, and found that the base where his upper body ball joint connected to the lower body was loose. A little super glue stabilized that bit, and once (easily) reassembled, Gatack’s as solid as a rock now. He’s definately one of the better MRS figs.

Accesories-wise, Gatack comes with two scimitars that can be attached to the sides of his shoulder pads, or combined into a, I dunno, grass shearers or something. He’s also got an additional pair of fists for his hands. All in all, the accessories are pretty good.

**** out of 5.

The Bee
Ironically, I could have posted Gatack before I went to work, and this wouldn’t have had to be a double feature. Oh well. in Kabuto, McGuffins known as Zectors attach themselves to people for various reasons, giving said people the ability to transform into Masked Riders. The Bee was a fickle Zector, who has attached itself to various individuals, mostly the series Dragons.

Appearance-wise, The Bee is on par or inches out Gartack. His design is simple yet beautifully done, and he has the bestest looking shoulderpads you’ve seen in quite some time. They’re hollow at the top, which is a really neat novelty. The Bee gets top marks in the looks category.

But unfortunately, articulation-wise, he’s hampered by those big shoulderpads of his. He has the same articulation as any MRS, but the shoulderpads prevent him from punching forward. So that limits his fighting poses significantly. The only consolation is that unlike other figs whose shoulderpads could have simply been molded onto the arms themselves, The Bee really had not choice in this matter, as if it were not one continuous piece with the body armor, the aesthetics would have been lost or even ruined. Still, articulation is weak among the MRS.

Finally, accessories-wise, The Bee only comes with an extra fist hand, which looks cool when paired with the regular holding hand. The fist is special, as you can attach the Bee Zector to it, giving The Bee a stinger punch. Downside is that the Zector’s pretty small and scrawny. This wouldn’t actually be a downside, but it’s the only accessory The Bee comes with, making his accessories slim pickings.

***3/4 out of 5. The incredible and majestic looks department saves The Bee from scoring lower for a MRS.

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