Motion Revive Series 4: Kiva

Nago-san? Kengo-san? I must have them both!

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A 1/18th scale figure, something struck me odd when I was playing around with my Kiva and Indy Jones. After putting them back to back, it seems Kiva’s almost a head taller than Indy. Indeed, while the other Riders are taller than Indy to begin with, Kiva stands taller than most. This is actually a good thing, as it gives the Motion Revive Series guys more personality to have differing heights. With his metal jacket, Kiva’s not only tall, but bulky. He’s definitely a heavyweight among 1/18th scale figures. Either that or he’s 1/17th scale.

Appearance-wise, he’s Kiva. He looks dang good. Although the paint between his chest and jacket feels a little sloppy. It doesn’t take away too much. The default Kiva form is very aesthetically pleasing, much more so than his variants. In a set that’s relatively weak, Kiva helps push it toward the positive spectrum.

**** out of 5.


Standard Motion Revive Series. Meaning it’s good. In fact, it blows the frickin’ brains out of stuff like Indy or (some/most/all) Star Wars. He can’t raise his arms to the side as much as say, Rider 1, but it’s not such a big loss in this case, he still looks good.

****1/2 out of 5.


Kiva comes with a really cool alternate right hand, which you can see in the picture above. As well as an extra right shin and right foot. These are his regular “chained” leg parts. When he does his finisher, you can pop the right leg off, and stick on the red/green shin and foot pictured above, as well as plug in a set of “bat wings” to the back of said leg. Being the default form, Kiva doesn’t really need/come with a lot, but what he has is still cool.

Additionally, the cape from Series 2’s Vega Form can be plugged into Kiva. This gives him a pretty awesome “lord” look.

Edit: Kiva also comes with his Fustle pack(s?).

**** out of 5.


A fun figure, awesome even. But just missing that one little push to it above and beyond. Nonetheless, if you open up a MRS box and you got a Kiva, your luck’s holding good.

**** out of 5.

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