Transformers Animated: Black Arachnia

Spiders! Why did it have to be spider?

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I do reckon’ that Black Arachnia ain’t the most popular character on Transformers: Animated, due to high fan expectations for the character and yet, being a boy’s show, it doesn’t feature her that much. Lost potential? Perhaps, but at least it gave Megsy himself more screentime, sorta.

Spider Mode

A nice tarantulaty spider mode, the first thing you’ll note when you see Black Arachnia in the package is that her hands are sticking out very obviously. I wasn’t going to buy her on account of that, but I saw good reviews for the fig, so I got it anyway. Ignoring the hands, the first thing you’ll note when you actually get her in your hands? She’s… delicate. Since her legs are all pointy-like, they’re all made of this offensively soft plastic. Not a good start ‘guv. She looks nice enough in spidey-mode, but sometimes it feels like you’re just getting a rubber spider. Also, the legs that have the hands attached are a bit loose (they rotate around her robot forearms), so balance was an issue. I’ll have to apply some nail polish when I get the chance later. Not so sure about their effectiveness on swivels, but it should be okay.

Many have mentioned her articulated mandibles, but it should also be mentioned that her spider ‘lips’ thingies are also articulated for nibbly action. Now that’s cool.

Overall, a good looking spider mode with good articulation. As per usual with TFs though, you’ll need to do some slight DIY on her. But her ball joints are nice and tight, so that’s a surprise.

**** out of 5.


Simple and twisty, the most annoying thing about the transformation is probably the soft plasticy/rubbery feel of the figure. With the face of the spider, you have to slide it up her body. Other than that, she’s fairly straightforward, and the result is a very good robot mode which we’ll get to in a sec.

Incidentally, while transforming Black Arachnia, you’ll notice her face is pressed against her butt. So yes, lots of innuendo potential there.

Score’ll be low because of the lack of fun factor. It’s very much wham bam thank you ma’am.

**1/2 out of 5.

Ms. Roboto Modo

Very good robot mode. Like the Animated Deluxe Optimuses, you’ll have to have her stand on tippy toes to stand properly.

Her front spider legs (now on her back) are a little annoying, since they’re a little loose, so she keeps going into power-sucking mode t the slightest touch. Her waist is articulated, but careful you don’t pop off her mandibles when you turn her. She can also bend backwards.

Otherwise, she’s pretty articulated, with ball jointed shoulders, elbows and hips. She also has one of my favorite hip/thigh types, the kind similar to Protoform Prime. So she’s got full motion there. I wish her knees had the bending range of a double jointed system, but it’s okay. I haven’t had a real chance to play with her yet, so I’m not sure about her dynamic poseability, but she can stand straight pretty well. Fortunately (and surprisingly), all her primary joints are nice and tight.

I’m not mentioning her robot mode’s looks very much simply because it’s so dang pretty, it doesn’t need the praise, and there’s no drawbacks to speak of.

And yeah, fun factor’s there. She even has stabby action with her forearms, just flip the forearm legs forward and you’ve got a spider-shiv.

**** out of 5.


Whether as a stand-in for your Beast Wars BA, as the TF: Animated figure she’s meant to be, or just a fembot, Black Arachnia here is a good toy. I’m not a huge fan of the Prime design in Animated, so BA actually edges our “Leader of the Autobots” out as far as TF: Animated Deluxes go.

**** out of 5.

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