McFarlane Halo 3: Spartan Mark VI (Red)

You’ve just been Sarge’d.

The pic above is from I think you can order the product from there.

I’ll be honest, I never played Halo. Don’t even own a new gen game console. With that and the opening quote in mind, it’s obvious the only reason, the real reason I got this toy was because of Red Vs Blue. As a result, I had no interest in the Brute or Grunt figs, and my real problem when I decided to pick this fig up was whether to go with the Mark VI or the EVA type Spartan. The EVA’s domed head gave the impression of a balding head, which could work for Sarge. While the Mark VI (pictured above) was more versatile, as not only would it be a more “show accurate” Sarge, it could be used as a pre-Light Red armor Donut or even as Fanatic. In the end, I let my gut do the talking and got the “generic” Mark VI armor.

I got Sarge’d.


Good stuff, it’s nicely detailed and overloaded with weathering. This is one grungy figure. I’ve seen a few McFarlane stuff, mostly the Dragons and whatever’s hanging on the pegs. This seems to be typical fair, which is to say it’s got plenty of probably unnecessary detailing. Which is good in most toys. It doesn’t hurt it here either.

Now, there are those who don’t dig this figure due to scale. This guy’s in the 5″ scale, meaning he’s taller than your Star Wars stuff, but shorter than Marvel Legends. But that’s actually a plus to me personally, as amongst my fave figs are the Souchaku Henshin line, which is also of this scale. But yeah, bear in mind that this ain’t gonna scale with most humanoid style stuff.

Overall I think the figure looks good. I’m not a huge enough fan of the Halo franchise to complain about game accuracy. Of course, this guy is probably more detailed than the game models, but against official art or posters? I’m afraid I can’t tell.

***1/2 out of 5.


Now this is the real reason I’m reviewing this figure. Not that it blows the Souchaku Henshin figures out of the water. It doesn’t. The problem is lack of double-joints (which would admittedly break up the sculpt), which instantly prevents it from attaining SHS levels of articulation. And it certainly ain’t on Souchaku Figuarts level. The McFarlane Halo 3 Mark VI Spartan is more on the lines of a super duper articulated Star Wars 3.75″ fig. Since it uses a hinged-balljoint system similar to Star Wars and other Hasbro products, but it adds a few extra twists. Overall, the articulation is very well integrated, unlike the SHS line. But what I want to talk about, is this…

The hips. The hips are awesome. I say, this might even be considered revolutionary. The hip joints is definitely something that I’d like to see other toy companies incorporate. You see, the hips are swivel hips. Which looks good because it doesn’t break up the sculpt much, but it’s really just a cut, so there’s not much articulation there. You can only swing it back and forth. What makes it revolutionary is that just below the hips seems to be some sort of balljoint or hinge joint. That means that despite being a mere cut joint, the Spartan’s legs can still do the splits. Actually, there seems to be a double cut on the hips, but it’s just the idea of that ball/hinge just below the cut that’s absolutely brilliant. It allows you to maintain the sculpt while providing the articulation. Pretty dang impressive.

**** out of 5.


Comes with a gun, a grenade and a couple pegs. You can also remove his shoulder pads and chest plate. Functional, but nothing fancy. Certainly not as impressive as some of the SHS figures, but it’s still functional.

Therein lies my personal problem with the series, for I lack the moolah to army build them at will. From the looks of it, the figures in the upcoming waves will all use the same basic body as the Mark VI. The only differences will be the chest plates and shoulder pads, and heads of course. This is good in terms of cost saving, but as great as the base figure is, I have too many interests to pick up everything property I see. It’s hard to justify getting more than just a few of these figures for me, the most is I’ll pick up enough to represent the core cast of the original Red Vs Blue crew. I’m definitely waiting for a Blue Spartan of some sort to represent Caboose. But beyond one red and one blue, I may not even pick up the rest. We shall see.

*** out of 5.


A good solid figure. If I wasn’t already way overextended with Transformers, Kamen Rider stuff etc, I’d definitely pick up all these guys. It’s still a cool, recommendable figure though. Now hold these shotgun bullets for me… in your gut! BANG!

**** out of 5.

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