Star Wars Unleashed 3-Packs

Always two they are. A mold, and a repaint.

No pics here, nor will I likely steal pics from somewhere and post them here. For this post anyway…

So I was out shopping for other stuff and decided to look at the toy isle. I saw these two 3-Packs for relatively cheap. Darth Vader with Incinerator Troopers and Palpatine with Shadow Troopers. I’ve been wanting a Vader for my collection, and while this probably wouldn’t be the best Vader, at least it was cheap-ish and couldn’t be that bad. Palpatine… total whim/impulse buy. I really shouldn’t buy Star Wars as I’m not that big a fan, the toys I’ve got so far have been decent but not great and I need to conserve my spending in anticipation of Transformers and a few Japanese stuff coming out (I coulda just bought a Busou Shinki instead of these 3-packs for instance). So, do these toys change my mind?

Darth Vader

Since there are no pictures, I won’t ramble on. Vader kinda sucks anyway, so I’d rather not talk about him. If you see the Hasbro Star Wars: the Force Unleashed Commemorative Collection  77-07 Darth Vader with Incinerator Troopers 3-Pack, give it a miss. It’s not that Vader doesn’t look nice, and technically he has articulation. However, his arm articulation is this weird cut joint system that in theory, provides him with articulation while preserving the sculpt. In practice, it has less range of motion than a standard hinged balljoint and you’re basically gonna end up with a Vader who looks like his arms have been fractured in 3 places. Oh, and he has no ankles, so he’s gonna have trouble standing. And of course, like many Star Wars figures, Vader can’t hold his accessories very well. He only comes with the red lightsaber though, and yeah, he can’t hold that well.

*3/4 out of *****


He has the standard “angry” Palpatine face. So, not very good for general play. I’ve never been a fan of angry faces, and while this works for Palpatine, it still means that he doesn’t work as a neutral toy to interact with your other stuff. I guess he works well as a display piece.

Putting the head aside, Palpatine’s pretty good. His body is obscured with a cloth robe, so his body type/design is pretty bare bones. Meaning he has no “kibble” obstructing him. EXCEPT for his kung fu black belt in front of pelvic area. Since he’s a standard Hasbro 3.75″ fig, it means he has no side motion to his hips, meaning he pretty much cannot step forward due to the kung fu belt.

Otherwise, he’s a good fig. Put on a Mandolorian helmet on him, like Dred Priest’s, pull the hood up and you’ve got yourself a makeshift Darth Revan.

*** out of *****

Incinerator Troopers & Shadow Troopers

The reason why I didn’t review the Incinerator Troopers along with Vader is of course, the fact that both they and the Shadow Troopers are the same mold. Both versions are good. They’re about as good as you’d get for a Star Wars figure. Since Vader sucks and the Incinerator Troopers are your basic Stormtroopers with a little more color, you’ll want to give that 3-pack a miss. They’re good, but nothing fancy, and Vader just brings down the average.

The Shadow Troopers are about on par, they’re actually pretty awesome looking with their dark silver gray and blue-tinted coloration. They have a really silly baby blue eyes look, but oh well. Taking into account that Palpatine has, despite my earlier complaints, probably one of the better Palpatine heads and is a half decent figure overall. This is the set you’ll want to get.

*** out of *****

Darth Vader & Incinerator Troopers: ** out of *****

Emperor Palpatine & Shadow Troopers: *** out of *****

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