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Got me a bunch of Hasbro Transformers Universe (Classics 2.0). Sunstreaker’s one of ’em. And you know why he’s getting the review and not the other guys? It ain’t that he’s the best outta the ones I got (which he arguably is). It’s because he BROKE. Factory defect I’m sure. Good thing I got a receipt and this is the regular US version bought at a supermarket, meaning I’ll probably be able to get a replacement (if they still got any).

But because of that, he’s the one I’ve fiddled with the most. And broken off arm aside (which can be re-attached firmly, but why own a bum figure?)… well, let’s go with a proper review before passing verdict.

Vehicle Mode
A Lamborgini-esque car, I presume. Either way, it’s a slick ride. When I first saw them at a specialty shop, I thought the Classics 2.0 vehicles were tiiiiny. Especially Sunstreaker. But now that I’ve got a (sorta) proper version, it’s of an adequate size for a deluxe figure. The yellow on the roof is indeed different than the yellow over the rest of the body, but I tried to chose one which had the least disparity when I bought him, and overall, in car mode, I don’t think it’s a big deal. What stands out on Sunstreaker in car mode is of course, his engine block. It adds pizazz to the mode. Without it, he looks kind of plain actually. Finally, we have his license plate. which reads “WE R 84”. Which is uber awesome. It’s pretty much the reason I got the US version instead of waiting for Henkei first, ’cause I was afraid by the time Henkei came out, the US version would be off the shelves where I am, and if the Japanese version (despite a more cohesive paintjob) didn’t have that little bit of needless shout out, well… not cool is all I’ll say. So overall, this is a good car mode. Worthy of ‘streaker. Nothing spectacular as far as TF cars go, but it’s a good car you an easily display with pride.

***1/2 out of *****.

The two big dealie-do’s with the transformation is 1) wiggling the car doors loose so you can get on with the transformation, and 2) extending the hood/torso so it can fold up to form the back. Really, other than the getting the car doors loose, transformation’s good. I’d say that the transformation for Classics 2.0 is definitely a step tougher than that of Classics 1.0. In that, 2.0 is more rewarding on the complicated scale, but loses out to Classics 1.0 in terms of being simple yet not primitive and ultimately rewarding and fun. That’s not to say Sunstreaker’s transformation is bad, it’s probably the best of the lot I got (Sunstreaker, Prowl and Tankor/Octane). But Classics 1.0 was simply that good.

**** out of *****.

Robot Mode
So I was transforming Sunstreaker when pop! His arm fell off, and not on a ball joint. Disappointed? Sure, but I’m pretty certain I can get a replacement if there’s one available, hopefully there will be, ’cause getting a refund can be a bee-yatch at certain companies.

So, onto the robot mode itself. It’s pretty dayumn good actually. I was expecting it to be slim and stuff, but despite the smallish vehicle mode, the character type, and that he has to be able to look good from front and back; he has a feeling of heft to him, and he’s by no means slim of stature. A lot of pictures have Sunstreaker mistransformed, resulting in his shoulder placement looking just plain weird, and the camera angles sometimes make it so his head is also weirdly positioned, but I assure you, that’s not the case once you get him right. Properly transformed, Sunstreaker is very well proportioned and looks just plain gorgeous. While Classics 1.0 had toys who felt right because of their iconic characters, Sunstreaker, who is less well remembered, at least looks like how he ought to be.

Articulation-wise, due to his transformation and the requirement that he be repainted as Sideswipe, Sunstreaker’s articulation is almost crazy high. The problems he faces has to do with having superior aesthetics. He has balljointed hips and shoulders, but balljoints require a certain amount of empty space to be fully utilized. Sunstreaker doesn’t have ’em, so he can’t put his arms straight out to the sides (can still lift ’em), nor can he do the splits. Otherwise, he has crazy high articulation, even wrists articulation, which is impressive for Transformers. He also has double jointed elbows, but they don’t bend a full 180, maybe only 160 or so. That’s still good though.

Finally, Sunstreaker is in no way a fixer upper. His joints were surprisingly all nice and tight. Nothing’s prone to just pop off by itself either (my piece aside). This is in short, a spectacular robot mode which has too much going for it for any drawbacks to hold it back.

***** out of *****.

I can’t say there’s anything bad with Hasbro Transformers Universe (Classics 2.0) Deluxe Sunstreaker. A good car mode, good transformation and flawless robot mode. Good times, good times.

**** out of *****.

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