Sunstreaker update

Went to the store, got me a new Sunstreaker whose right arm didn’t break out of the box. Instead, it broke during the transformation back to car mode… I don’t think the store will give me a replacement for the same reason. This store’s more stuffy than some. What’s worse, this Sunstreaker has a Cindy Crawford “beauty spot” and there’s some dirt or something on one of his shoulders. The first one also had tighter joints. So the point is, I lost out and beware that there might be QC issues with this line/Sunstreaker.

Dang I wish I just kept the first Sunstreaker, the broken arm issue isn’t really that big a deal because you can still pop the joint in and at least it didn’t have as many paint defects. I might have to buy some silver paint or a silver sharpie or something to give Sunstreaker a face lift. Darn!

Only upside is that I got a spare gun and engine block out of this. Bleh.

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1 Response to Sunstreaker update

  1. Josh Miller says:

    It broke? I’ve had my Sunstreaker’s arms fall off but not break.

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