Decepticon Dropshot

Decepticon Colonel Dropshot Mustard with the tire iron in the game room.
Dropshot robot

A belligerent bully, Dropshot isn’t so much evil as he is a jerkass. He’s a pathological picker of fights. He doesn’t really care whether you’re friend or foe, which doesn’t leave him with many friends; just foes. Which is probably fine by him, since foes are for fighting. Oh, and he doesn’t care if you’re a pacifist either, it just means you’re easy alloy.

So yeah, having a character section doesn’t work unless you’re dealing with a long established character or something. Dropshot’s just a straight up repaint with a standard Decepticony background, so there isn’t much to say about him. I suppose I could pad this part with my views on the Unicron Trilogy, but nah. On to the toy itself…

* out of *****.

dropshot vehicle
I got Dropshot used, so going in, I knew there’d be some imperfections. But side from a minor paint app missing from his goggles, the quality of the fig is pretty good.

In vehicle mode, Dropshot’s one of those Military Multiple Missile Macross Massacre Modified Markava Machines. Which is to say it fires lots of missiles. It looks good, it’s mustard colored, but it looks good. And there’s good play value, from the articulated turrets, to the Force Chip features which spring out more guns from the missile turrets. While it looks overall fine as a toy, like many fans, I’d have liked to have seen a darker shade of yellow used, or perhaps some brown camo. Can’t fault it as a toy though.

In mighty Orbot mode, Dropshot’s pretty cool. From my prior (if limited) experience of the Cybertron line, the toys look awesome, but their articulation’s tend to leave something to be desired. While Dropshot isn’t a post movie level articulated figure, he does go above and beyond the Cybertron toys I’ve gotten before. Simply because he has cut bicep joints and his feet are articulated thanks to the transformation scheme. The feet is actually nothing special, but the cut joints on the arms really amp his poseability up to 11.

Not only that, Dropshot retains the Cybertronian good looks from the old Cybertron line. The green and brown work surprisingly well. Insanely well in fact. He looks awesome in robot mode. With his decent height and thick bodiedness, as well as pretty good arm articulation, he’s an imposing foe against your other toys. Also, like his vehicle mode, the Cyber Planet Keys will give him More Dakka.

The one big weakness in the mold is on the right arm of course. The turret there slides forward, which is fine. But there’s very little friction in the sliding mechanism, so it’s pretty much going to slide down whenever the arm isn’t raised. I put some transparent nail polish to up the friction a little, though I dunno how effective that’ll be in the long term.

Overall, a good toy. Nothing fancy. If you’re on a budget, you can give him a miss as while he is good, he is not as stupendous as some other stuff out there. If you’re in a country where toys are cheap or you simply have the budget or plastic addiction (like I do), he’s a good pick up. He looks good and he’ll play well with your other toys.

***1/2 out of *****.

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