Code Geass R2: 20 + (18 & 19)

Oh Yoshi Team! We don’t have anyone left to kill!

I’ve put off watching Code Geass 18, 19 and 20 due to, well, sometimes you’ve got to take a break. One can only gaze upon a trainwreck for so long.

Mini-Review: 18
Nunnaly dies. Spoiler alert.

Nina spends the whole episode telling Suzaku to detonate the nuke she developed. Suzaku refuses. But then Kallen finally breaks out of jail and pwns him. She’s about to kill him when he uses the “Activation Phrase”, which is to say to himself that he’d rather die than to kill others, and that it’s atonement for what he’s done. Cue Geass, as the “Live On” Geass activates, causing Suzaku to not only use an evasive maneuver, but to cast Dragon Slave.

Anytime Suzaku says he’s going to die and atone, you know that’s when he’ll run away. And since this is Suzaku, rather than simply running away, he has to screw over Japan any chance he gets. That “Live On” Geass is mighty convenient, it’s surprising Lulu hasn’t used it to his advantage yet.

Sayoko dies. Asahina dies. Ms. Romeiyer dies. Guildford dies. Nunnaly gets laughed at by Takumi from Mai Hime for dying like a red shirt.

Mini-Review: 19
Schneizel lied, Rolo died.

Schneizel ineffectually tries to convince the Black Knights to rebel against Zero, but then Ohgi (who just got some nookie and is therefore 1) Feeling refreshingly take charge and 2) Putty to Viletta’s whims) charges into the room and tells everyone they’re going to rebel against Zero.

So then the Black Knights corner Zero and accuse him of being a terrorist. Possibly they accuse him of being a Jew as well, because they’re RACIST Nipponese-Commies. Pretty much the only times when a Britainian and 11 get along is when one or both of them wants to get it on with the other. Cases in point:
Stadfeld and Kanzaki.
Ohgi and Viletta (whom he refuses to call by her real name, because he’s a chauvanist Eleven)
Kallen and Lulu.
Lulu and Suzaku

Which is precisely why no one but Ohgi was willing to rebel against Lulu, since he’s apparently straight (or at least bi). Everyone else’s got a Haydron Cannon for Lulu, iffin’ yer know what I’m implying.

But aaaanyway, 20 years from now, this scene will be remastered so that Lulu pulls out a gun and shoots first. Prompting everyone to gun him down without an ounce of hesitation. “Ohgi shot first yo!”

Zero dies. And the new lead character is apparently Rolo. (This is just like in Sunabouzu! Is Sunrise ripping off Desert Punk?)

Well, no, actually, Zero lives because Rolo barges in and blocks the bullets with a mecha, just like how Sarge saved Grif and Simmons from a firing squad by their own subordinates in Red vs Blue: Reconstruction (Sunrise ripping off Rooster Teeth Productions?).

Zero and Rolo escape and then Rolo dies and Zero gets his groove back.

At no time, whether during the Schneizel negotiations or the Zero Firing Squad, does Toudou ever bring up the Geass Research Facility Massacre. If he did, well… I’m sure Schneizel could smooth talk his way out of it (because these fellows pretty much believe anything he says, like “We told Zero about the Dragon Slave because we wanted to avoid bloodshed while mobilising a huge army of mechs led by the most elite of elite pilots on the planet to kill you), but even a blatant admission from Zero would have vindicated him. Also, I simply never got what’s the big deal with that. As a terrorist organization, the Black Knights have done far worst than massacre what is obviously an enemy research facility hidden in the middle of a desert where no legitimate facility would be located. Just the fact that the place was dark and ominous and had an infamous orange mech should tip the troops off that something fishy was going on and that the boss (Zero) was justified.

Not that I’m really ragging on Code Geass for the plotholes. I enjoy the fact that this is an over the top soap opera with mechs. The fact that everyone acts like they’re in a bad play is what makes this series, especially R2, so awesome.

Now onto the episode 20 review, which will be an actual review.

Episode 20 is unfortunately, a comparatively weak episode. Nothing of true significance happens. It’s more of a transition ep than anything else. Its purpose is simply to move the story along to the appropriate point for the plot to continue. This isn’t the same as character or story development, it’s simply a matter of positioning everyone into the right place and time, as well as the right state of mind, so that the next “Turn” can proceed with everything in place.

As I write this review, the “cheapness” of this episode reminds me of Mai Hime. In that UNLIKE Mai Hime, which had a tight end game with great timing all the way, Code Geass Rs has to resort to “cheating” with ep 20. It’s setting things up in a forced and unnatural manner. Perhaps the most egregious example would be Suzaku falling down into that hole/crumbling earth.

I do think that one of the major setbacks of this ep is simply that there’s no one else to kill, further emphasizing the poor timing in terms of closure of characters. I mean, who else can they kill? Charles, Lulu, Schneizel, C.C and Suzaku are all fated to die. It’d be no surprise if any of them bought it, ’cause that’s what we’re being set up for. I only hope that Suzaku’s impending death (assuming he dies) activates his Geass and he’s suddenly begging and screaming at the world to let him live. To give him a meaningful and humanising death would be laaaaame, since a) it’s been done to death in the show already and b) considering how flip floppy Suzaku is, it’s about as meaningless as one of his flips and/or flops.

Kallen dying is about on par with one of the main characters dying, the only difference is that it’d incite fanboy backlash.

Black Knights are about as relevant as Rivalz.

Same as the Britainians, although Gino might garner some sympathy if played right.

The way things are going now, Nina might get some redemption. If they pull it off decently, then her death would probably be the most impactful and meaningful of the bunch right now. Which is sad, when NINA (currently) represents your best death potential. I’ll totally miss her contorted emo facial expressions when she’s gone though. She doesn’t really appear much, but when she does, 7 out of 9 she’ll bust out an emo face, and she has probably the most ridiculously claymation emo facial expressions, like.. EVAR.

Yeah, we’re moving away from the stuffy pure review bit and getting into opinions and rants. Lesse, what else… Not much really, as noted, the purpose of this ep is to force everyone into position for the coming eps. Not much actually happens in and of itself.

Ending the review here, would from a writnig standpoint, be abrupt and badly timed. Which is appropriate for R2, so… End Review!

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