Kaiyodo Revoltech Lazengann

In the SPIRAL ZONE-Zone-zone-zone-zone

From the series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, here we have the Ganmen (mech) of Lord Genome himself, the Lazengann. The Lazengann is an awesome looking mech that is described as being a “Gurren Lagann type”, but where it trumps the titular Gurren Lagann is in having the super experienced Lord Genome (who knows all about Spiral Energy) pilot it. So while it’s about equal in power to the titular mech, the Lazengann proved to be far superior to the main mech of the series. Normally, this would mean that either the hero losses and has to lick his wounds till he gets an upgrade to give a little payback; OR the hero wins anyway with no rhyme or reason except to show how badass the hero is.

Neither of which really occurs (although it leans slightly toward the latter), ’cause we all know, in TTGL, it’s not about skill, but GUTS!

Gotta say, I’ve always loved the Lazengann design. I initially thought it was reptiloid, but also lacking the doofy face of most Ganmen. Oh sure, he’s got a face, but it ain’t doofy. And here the Revoltech Lazengann offers you the choice of both face and faceless versions of the Lazengann through use of a swappable accessory. Which is cool.

I have a hard time thinking of anything to say about the Lazengann, it’s a cool design and as per usual, Kaiyodo’s done a bang up job with the Revoltech. I’ll say that the Lazengann manages to integrate the Revol-Joints very well, there’s no obvious Revol-Joint bulging out. It all looks quite natural, due to the Lazengann’s lithe form, which meant they had to use the mid-sized joints, which are easier to blend in.

On thing of note is that the Lazengann really works for the Kaiyodo Revoltech, because let’s face it, Kaiyodo Revoltech just looooooooooove their black figures to be glossy! And whaddya know? The Lazengann’s pretty durn black.

In all, they’ve done a bang up job with minimal weird positioning due to bulging joints.

***** out of *****.

Revoltech’s signature. Personally, I’ve always felt their articulation to be over hyped and that they fail to deliver on the hype. The early generation Revoltechs like Mazinkaiser and the Labors, such as the Griffin for instance; while looking mighty awesome, actually had rather limited articulation. Mazinkaiser’s arms were limited to to his swivel shoulders while the Griffon had god awful hips. Also, there are few Revoltech who can stand on their own worth a damn. That Revoltech stand? It ain’t a cool option, it’s a REQUIREMENT. Revoltechs pretty much can’t stand on their own without some compromise fitting into the equation. But that’s Revoltech in general, this is a Lazengann review.

And onto Lazengann itself, it IS pretty darn articulated. Its simple yet extremely beautiful designs allows for a maximum of clearance for it’s Revol-joints. His hips offer a sigh of relief. Granted it’s a cut/swivel joint like the old Revoltech Griffon, but it’s actually a DOUBLE cut. Meaning he’s more like the Revoltech Minis than the Griffon. He still can’t do the side splits, but he ain’t too shabby. What’s exceptional with Lazengann is that, yeah, he CAN stand on his own two (big-ish) feet.

This is one Revoltech who lives up to the promise that is the Revoltech concept.

****1/2 out of *****.

Stand, hands, drills and body masks. It’s pretty decent and I wouldn’t have much to complain, but they they had to offer the main part of the jetpack for Gurren Lagann. And suddenly I’m resentful I would have gotten Lazengann anyway, and I already got Gurren Lagann even knowing he wouldn’t come with a jetpack, but then finding I’m being “forced” to buy both Lazengann (whom I want) and Enki (whom I don’t want) just irks me. Even if the pack was complete and came with Lazengann alone, I’d still resent it as a long time supporter of the line. Once you get the figure as well, the accessories don’t seem THAT plentiful either.

**1/2 out of *****

Although I collect quite a bit of Revoltech, I’m actually not a huge fan, I just get them for the uber cool characters and their general affordability. But Lazengann is a cut above the rest and I would say he’s one of the best Revoltech in the entire series. With a great design, sculpt and articulation; this is one purchase I’m totally satisfied with.

**** out of *****

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