SD Gundam 303 & 305

For those who thought episode 3 of Detroit Metro City was too hetero.

Due to a combination of a 20% sale, a cousin who wanted a giveaway “Soldier” gunpla as well as to corrupt me to the dark side; I’ve gotten hold of 2 SD Gundams from Bandai’s “BB Senshi Sangokuden Fuuun Gouketsu Hen” (“BB Warrior Romance Of The Three Kingdoms: Gathering of the Heroes Chapter”).

First up is the Shiba-I Sazabi, inspired by Sima Yi from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It’s the first one I opened up and assembled, and let me tell ya, I’m a great big newbie to modeling, so it took me a while to assemble him (though I did intentionally take it slow). The end result was pretty nifty though.

Next up was the Sonken Gundam, based on Sun Quan, who took me a little less time to complete, but the result was no less nifty. I especially liked that coincidentally (or IS IT?), his visored mask looks very much like that of Kamen Rider IXA. And I’ve always liked IXA’s closed mask look.

So what do I think of these figs once I’ve got ’em all nice and done? Well, the process to putting them together was relatively fun, though I’m probably not the best personality type to do this kinda thing. Not because I’m impatient, far from it, it’s because I’m too intent on being “perfect” the first time around. Still, relatively fun as noted.

Looks wise, these guys are pretty cool. They’re not overly cute because I the Shiba-I is a mono-eye whilst the Sonken has his visor down. But they’re still quite nice and looking at pictures, they’ll look quite cool once I get a Gundam marker to add in some details. For now, I’ll have to rely on the stickers to break up the monotone, therein lies the fatal flaw. The stickers just ain’t too sticky, and the Shiba-I in particular, is having all sorts of loose sticker issues right now. My only hope is that my magical cure all, the transparent nail polish, will allow me to add a protective and sticky coating onto the affected areas that’ll press down on the stickers and keep things nice and neat.

The main reason for the loose stickers of course, is because these are pretty fun figures. They feel brittle/fragile as hell, but it’s mighty uber fun to fiddle with them. I especially like being a blasphemer by interchanging their parts. I can tell that I carve out a bit of my cousin’s heart and soul whenever I do that though, but hey, tough luck! I like playing with my toys. Of course, the downside is that every time my fingers brushed along the figures, they loosen the stickers. Ah well.

Overall, these are fun figures. But being models, they’re loose and fragile as hell, have the sticker issue and so on and so forth. They’re still mighty fun, so they’re recommended for people who enjoy a good toy but aren’t heavy handed, as well as for the die hard collectors of course. For the casual collector who isn’t into Gundam though… well, I think they’re neat, but I wouldn’t want to get addicted to them. And their ability to mix and match parts can be mega addicting. So I won’t get anymore unless they go on clearance or something.

***1/4 out of *****

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