Revoltech 57: Camus

In France, you have to lick the underside of the Royale With Cheese before swallowing it whole.

I saw a bunch of Revoltech Krauser II awhile back, I gave ’em a miss ’cause I thought the stock would last. It didn’t, and all the Krauser II (and none of the other DMC members) were gone by my next visit. Everywhere else only sold the D.M.C. Revoltech as 3-packs, so yeah, that’s why I got Camus.

Honestly, Camus was the one figure I didn’t want when shots of the figures first came out. I had no idea who Johannes Krauser II was but he looked awesome, and Alexander Jagi was oddly appealing. But then we came to Camus, and I was not impressed. But as I looked at the few reviews out there, and saw what he had to offer, I found myself hoping this guy would be a surprise hit.

Is he? Let’s find out.

Truly, Camus is the least flashy or interesting looking of the bunch. His appeal factor in the character design department was given a boost when I finally caught some eps of the DMC cartoon and found out he wasn’t normally in Insane Clown Posse mode.

While his arms are very obviously segmented with Revoltech joints, the rest of his sculpt is solid… TOO solid, and we’ll get to that in a moment. Basically, he looks seamless and natural, except for the arms, which totally take away said seamlessness from the rest of his body.

His face is also painted on, not sculpted, which detracts in terms of sculpting points, but the paint’s amazingly well applied. They could be simply tampoed on for all I know, but I’m not inclined to rub or scratch at his face to find out.

As show/comic/movie accurate as he may be, overall, Camus is rather dull. I like that he’s a fat man, that’s a major plus point. He looks great as a fat guy. I mean, there are other fat (it’s pure muscle!) toys out there, but they seldom succeed in capturing the elusive potbelly. If there’s one are Camus succeeds in, it’s the depiction of the potbelly.

**3/4 out of *****

Articulation wise, Camus is a bust. Remember when I said his sculpt is TOO solid? Yeah… it affects his articulation. His head can turn, maybe move up and down a click, but that’s it. Because his fat neck and shirt collar are so well integrated, it restricts his neck movement. The torso joint basically has no up or down movement, though it can still turn a full 360. This is due to Camus’ vest, which is made of a slightly softer plastic, but not soft enough to offer any give. Finally, You’ll want to pull his hips off to see which way they can bend (not that it matters), as they too are well hidden. This is of course, technically a good thing, but just like with the shirt collar, his hips are so well integrated that articulation is restricted, moreso than with his neck joint.

And as with many a Revoltech, he can’t stand without a stand, which is fortunately, provided.

Arm articulation’s superb, but keep in mind that sculpt-wise, the arm’s the worst of him. This is an explicit case of Proportional Sculpt vs Articulation. For a line that touts articulation and for an articulation junkie like me with a headbanging-philia, Camus might as well be a Staction Figure.

* out of *****

This is the part where I tried to justify to myself for booking the set, which of course, would include Camus. Admittedly, he’s got a good set of stuff. No drum set, but considering (his articulation) he’d have an awful time sitting down and bending his torso forward to drum with gusto, it’s no loss (due to the limitations of the figure itself, not because I wouldn’t like a drum set).

Being the least interesting character of D.M.C. unless you read the comics and follow the cartoon or watch the movie, it seems Kaiyodo realized this and decided to pack him with the best swag. He has the D.M.C. banner/letters, great looking drumsticks, and equally great looking but much more awesome snake-sticks. He also comes with a word bubble and the usual stands. There also seems to be some sort of sticker, but I haven’t taken a look at it yet.

**** out of *****

Certainly, Camui has great accessories. He may well have the best of the DMC bunch (haven’t opened the other two yet). And he looks good enough, but as an action figure, he’s lacking. As a display piece, he’s also lacking. And as a Revoltech, he encompasses all that’s bad with Revoltech. He’s like the anti-Lazengann. Give Camus a miss, heck, if you can’t get the others without getting Camus, give the entire DMC set a miss. Unless you’re a HUGE fan of either Krauser or Jagi.

* out of *****

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