Revoltech Alexander Jagi

Yes el Presidente!

The bass player for Detroit Metal City. Not much to the character at this point. It seems he’s really keen on achieving success with DMC. A relatively normal guy so far, he seems to have some respect for Krauser as a fellow musician/performer and is a bit of a suck up to the president. Anything to get ahead I guess.

Sculpt-wise, Jagi’s got a lot more going for him than Camus. All his details are wonderfully realized. If there’s any problem with Jagi in the looks department its that the Revoltech joints on his arms aren’t quite the same white as compared with his arms. Otherwise, we’re good to go.

Accessories are plentiful, he has the better guitar of the two Revoltech guitar villains, since his doesn’t have a peg sticking out like Krauser’s.

Articulation is also good, like Lazengann, his bare bones design means his Revoltech joints aren’t hampered by jutting out chess emblems or shoulder pads and things of that ilk.

So it’s all good right? Jagi more than makes up for Camus right? Well… I dunno, he’s a good Revoltech. Pretty good in fact, but there’s no mind blowing quality that makes it so he’s not only a good purchase on his own, but covers the deficits of other figures. In addition, and this is probably my biggest gripe, rather than having an ‘it factor’, Jagi’s vibe is more along the lines of one of those wooden puppet used for modeling/posing.

So yeah, bottom line is that Jagi is good on his own. He might not be the most outstanding member of DMC, but as a figure, he succeeds. A good purchase.

***3/4 out of *****

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