Revoltech Johannes Krauser II

I’ll rape your fucking MISB Lucky Draw Black Sixshot!

And now we’ve arrived at the main event. Not that I wanna skim on the Revoltech DMCs; they deserve better, but… basically, everything from the Alexander Jagi review applies to Krauser. Except Krauser doesn’t have the problem of his arm joints’ color not matching his arms’. Also, Krauser doesn’t give that wooden puppet vibe that Jagi does. And of course, as the star of DMC, Krauser’s character is the most developed. He gets the most screentime, the best lines etc. Let’s face it, the only reason we’re getting the DMC toys is for Krauser. You wouldn’t need the other two unless you’re a completist.

And yes, he has enough waist and hip articulation to simulate tambourine rape.

A strong raperaperaperapera out of raperaperaperaperape score for Krauser II.

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