Classics 2.0 Onslaught

Combaticons! Transform and combine into… RUINATION!

I’ve always liked Onslaught. Maybe he wasn’t my very mostest bestest favouritest character, but he certainly ranks a slot in my cranial memory card. Not only was he the de facto leader of the Combaticons, of whom I think are among the top combiners of G1, but he looked cool and had a stuffy British accent. Posh! I’ve always felt that they should have referenced Onslaught in Beast Machines, maybe imply he’s the soul/spark of Obsidian. But ah well. Onto the figure itself.

As an Ultra-sized toy, not only is Onslaught large and in charge, but he’s got some lights and sounds features thrown in. In his case, these extras are just that, extras. The features add rather than detract, but you can live with or without ’em. Which is a good thing mind you.

Onslaught is a suped up SWAT APC. And by “suped up” I mean “military grade”. This is one armored personnel carrier that really shouldn’t be in active duty in a populated area, SWAT or no. Not unless it’s an all out war, then yes… with his mine sweepers and machine cannons, he’s more suited for a war zone than just plain old SWAT. Though I guess he’s technically a special weapon, and he IS a tactician. So he’s kinda SWAT.

Anyhow, he’s well detailed without going overboard, he’s also got a few lights and sounds features as already mentioned. Pushing a button at the top of his turret will activate a pathetic siren sound (pathetic because it only sounds once) and pressing that button again will activate machine gun sounds that’ll keep sounding as long as you hold down on said button. Obviously, certain parts of the turret light up when you do this. Overall, it’s pretty cool. Finally, there’s a special wheel on Onslaught, so that when you roll the vehicle mode, it’ll make a “war torn nation” sound. Pretty cool, but it can be annoying if you accidentally keep activating it during transformation. It’s not that it’s placed in a sensitive spot where you’ll keep bumping into it, but the instructions are incomplete, and I had a heck of a time with his legs as a result, which coincidentally, is where the sound mechanism is located.

Anywho, nice vehicle mode. But Transformers seldom have especially dynamic vehicle modes. Onslaught fares better than most. But I can’t give him full marks, simply because Cybertron Defense Hot Shot’s APC mode has a soft spot in my non-existent heart.

**** out of *****

Relatively simple transformation, but he’s got some interesting paneling action going on with his feet. The thing to note is that the side panels on the back of his vehicle mode can also be flipped out, that’ll make the leg transformation a whole lot smoother. Nothing to really shout about, but it’s a good, solid transformation scheme with an interesting twist or two.

**** out of *****

And here Onslaught shines. Shines his metallic boots to kick yo ass that is. Oh, and speaking of his boots, they hold together pretty well despite an interesting transformation scheme.

Big and imposing, Onslaught doesn’t give off that intellectual vibe of his original cartoon design, but who needs brains when you’ve got brawn? With his thick set body and thuggish proportions, Onslaught is one big bad mofo… daddio.

Lights and sounds are the same as in vehicle mode, only now you can see his visored eyes light up when you push the turret button. And his secondary sound effects button is on the side of his hips, generally keeping out of the way unless you actually want it. He also has a spring loaded flip out forearm cannon on his right, and on his left, there’s a peg you can flip out to attach his SWAT shield.

Articulation wise, his head turns 360. He has no torso/waist articulation, but his limbs all feature excellent articulation. His fists even turn, which is a rarity in Transformers. His feet sort of has articulation, but they really can’t hold his weight. So Onslaught’s pretty much gonna be a flat foot. No tippy toes for Onslaught, no sirree bob!

****1/2 out of *****

What else can I say? He’s a big imposing robot. You won’t feel gyped with his size as you might some other figures. His features are all good and unintrusive. And he’s well articulated to boot. This is as solid as it gets. I can’t wait to play with Onslaught some more. Sure, he can’t combine with other robots to form Bruticus, but I’m soooo gonna draft Dropshot as an honorary Combaticon for Onslaught to order around so as to complete some tactical objective.

****1/2 out of *****

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