Revoltech Johannes Krauser II (Expanded)

I’ll rape your fucking MISB Lucky Draw Black Sixshot!

The front man for the Japanese Indie, Metal Band known as Detroit Metal City aka DMC. He’s the demonic emperor of Metal who raped and murdered his parents when he was born. He’s publically raped policewomen, tambourines, and even Tokyo Tower, to say nothing of raping the very air itself (since the phone and chair were unavailable). He… is… Johannes Krauser II, a terrorist straight from hell who would have been a bizarre murderer were it not for his involvement in music.

Off the stage and out of the make-up however, he’s Negishi. A guy who enjoys music with saccharine lyrics, French films such as Amelie and has a healthy respect for his family and moral norms. Although given how easily he slips into Krauser mode, he seems very repressed indeed. The most insignificant perceived slight will send him into Krauser mode, but let’s face it, the character wouldn’t be all that fun if he were in Negishi mode all the time.

DMC’s a pretty funny anime and decent enough manga. But onto the Revoltech itself…

Krauser looks like Krauser, what else is there to say? Unlike his co-sells, Revoltech Camus and Revoltech Alexander Jagi; the fact that his black shirt has long sleeves means he’s able to avoid the discrepancy in color between the Revol-joint’s white and that of his painted white forearms. That was the problem with Camus and Jagi. In Krauser’s case, he’s got perfectly blended black Revol-joints.

Beyond that, well, he’s spot on as Krauser, and unlike Jagi, he doesn’t remind you of one of those wooden puppets/models. And since Krauser is essentially humanoid shaped with not much by way of “kibble”, his Revoltech articulation is given their full range of motion, much like Jagi.

As for accessories, Krauser is somewhat weaker than the other two members of DMC. He’s got “speed hands” for when he’s riffing on the guitar, and a guitar to riff on. Although this guitar is slightly less nice than Jagi’s, as it has a very noticeable peg on its face. Otherwise, it’s the regular Revoltech fare, like a stand and such.

It’s really hard to talk about these Revoltech DMC figures though. There really isn’t much to say. Like many (if not all) Revoltech, what sets them apart are the characters. And Krauser is indeed a cool character. As a toy, he’s the most balanced of the DMC Revoltech in terms of both sculpt and articulation, while excelling in both categories. Assuming you can purchase Krauser all on his lonesome, you might want to give both Camus and Jagi a miss (though Jagi deserves a glance, but Camus is rubbish).

Let’s face it, the only reason we’re getting the DMC toys is for Krauser. You wouldn’t NEED the other two unless you’re a completist.

And yes, he has enough waist and hip articulation to simulate tambourine (and Tokyo Tower) rape.

A strong raperaperaperapera out of raperaperaperaperape score for Krauser II.

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