Transformers High Score 100

Joypad not Trukk!

Time for a little Retro Review, as the good folks at Fanmode would say. High Score 100 was released as part of the Real Gear Robots semi-sub-line for the 2007 Transformers Movie line. For some reason, I never found him in any store, and it took a little out of town trip to an out of the place store owned by a thin older fellow with gold rimmed glasses to find High Score 100.

Onto Hi-Score himself, he’s the Shingo Yabuki, Sakura Kusanago and Komada Shigeo (from Airmaster) of Transformers. After playing countless fighting games, he has mastered all the moves demonstrated within, putting him on par with the likes of Rugal Bernstein and Gill. Not only can he Pyscho Crusher the entire screen, but he can follow it up with a deadly and unblockable TAUNT. Truly, to confront Hi Score is liken unto combating a Korean in Starcraft.

Joypad Mode
A reasonable likeness to a game controller, Hi Score even has working analog sticks. Nothing else really depresses when you press them though, and before you get too excited, bear in mind that he IS a Real Gear Robot, meaning he’s tiny. Unlike Spy Shot 6 or Speed Dial 800, he’s fooling no one into thinking he’s the real deal in terms of size. Which is a pity, because from the top, he really does look like a game controller, despite the seams.

That said, he’s got a good color scheme. I passed up a loose version of him in Twitcher 451 (a redeco of Hi Score) because his colors are the most “realistic” and “old school”. I’m glad I did. Hi Score is totally old school off white.

In closing, a good gamepad for the Bringer of Chaos, Unicron. But otherwise, ain’t fooling no one.

**** out of *****

Munky Mode
Hi Score’s “robot” mode is that of a gorilla. Not “gorilla-like proportions” but an outright gorilla. This is a cool fact of life.

It’s neat to have another animal mode Transformer who’s not Laserbeak. That he’s a kung-fu gamer gorilla who probably played through an emulated version of Cheetahman, Katamari Damacy and Mother 3, can only work in his favor.

So yeah, he looks like a nice robo-gorilla. Sort of reminiscent of those Robo-Sapien remote control toys. Which is doubly funny because they’re remote controlled and he’s a remote control Ha-ha, funny, yes, kekeke.

Articulation-wise, he’s quite articulated. Not overly so. He’s got ball jointed shoulders, elbows, neck, waist, hips and ankles. Regular old hinges for knees and shins. So he’s got a lot of movable points, but his short stockiness can get in the way somewhat. Fortunately, due to his gorilla long forearms, his elbow joint also semi-doubles as a bicep joint. Meaning he’ll look good in a cross armed look.

Yes, he can perform the Shoryuken and the Hadoken.

No, he cannot do the Yatta V-Sign due to lack of articulated fingers. He also does not wear red underwear like Sakura, nor does he suck like Liu Kang.

**** out of *****

Unfortunately, despite all the good things I have to say, and as awesome as both Hi Score’s modes are. In the end, he’s still just average. He’s not the worst Real Gear Robot toy, far from it. He’s actually quite good for a RGR and very good for a regular old Basic. But in the face of other RGR like Spy Shot 6 or even Longview, he’s noticeably left in the middle of the road.

He’s good all on his own and he has a higher novelty factor than some others, but due to the high bar set by previous RGR, High Score 100’s overall score ends up being less than the sum of his parts/modes.

*** out of ***** (for a Real Gear Robot)

***** out of ***** (for a Basic)

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