Universe Classics 2.0 Deluxe Silverbolt

So long cruel woooorld… oh wait, I can fly *koo-koo-ca-khoo* SWOOOOOOOOSH!

This is the Deluxe version of Silverbolt that comes in the Universe 25th Anniversary 5-Pack. Not the Ultra sized Silverbolt released not too long ago. This mold was originally used for Storm Jet toward the end of the Energon line. Storm Jet’s been re-released in the previous Universe line, but this seems to be the first redeco of the mold.


In G1, Silverbolt was the straight arrow of the Aerielbots. The Aerielbots were created by building bodies out of old Cybertronian aircraft laying about, and given sentience through the mega computer Vector Sigma. As Silverbolt was originally just a low flying cargo jet, Vector Sigma decided to be funny and made Silverbolt afraid of heights. Oh how everyone laaaaughed and laaaughed. That Vector Sigma, what a kidder eh?

Silverbolt would spend the rest of his life flying high into the sky, only to start crashing downward in a fear induced paralyzed state, then snap out of it once his altitude was low enough and start the whole thing all over again. It was as if he was being bounced around in a giant invisible pinball machine in the sky. This was until they handwaved it away in the comics by having Silverbolt say he’s overcome his fear of heights.

Other than that, Silverbolt hasn’t done much beyond travelling to the past to ensure the freedom of the Transformers race and the creation of the modern militaristic Autobots. Ho-hum.


I’ll get this out of the way first. This is not a good toy. And here’s why.

The first thing you’ll notice with Silverbolt is that he’s got a massively hollow torso. There’s his chest piece, some wing kibble, and absolutely nothing in between. Technically there are some panels that help cover up the gaps, but the panels, they do nothing. NOTHING.

Well, nothing except get in the way of the otherwise excellent arm articulation. While the arms themselves are well articulated, the panels prevent Silverbolt from holding his arms straight down. Oh, and he has a pretty bad looking pair of hands as well.

Finally, my copy of Silverbolt has his knees mis-assembled, and re-assembling them is a relatively complicated process, of which I’m not prepared to do yet as I’m not one to take apart my toys beyond popping off the odd balljoint or two. The mis-assembled knees prevent Silverbolt from bending his knees back, and he can’t even bend them forward because his kneepads get in the way. This is apparently a problem the original Storm Jet had as well, so it’s a thing to look out for when you select your Superion 5-Pack.

In jet mode, Silverbolt is actually not bad. Sure he’s not a realistic Concorde or anything, but hey, he’s a toy. As a toy plane, he’s actually pretty neat. Very old school, as if he should be fighting an Ultraman monster/kaiju. Again, the panels do nothing. NOTHING.

In torso mode… I’ll get this out of the way, the panels do nothing. NOTHING.

So onto torso mode, it’s a torso. I haven’t put Superion together yet, but it seems serviceable. We shall see, depending on if I ever do a full Superion review. But yeah, torso is nice; at least he has a real head.


A mediocre robot mode at best, even if I had gotten a correctly assembled copy. Jet mode is fine, but I’m glad I never bought the single carded version of him in Universe 1.0. He only scores as high as he does because of his importance as the primary component for Superion.

Think of Silverbolt as an accessory or a freebie, you’re really paying for the 4 basics included in the set.

2 out of 5.

On the plus side, there’s lots of old school 70s/80s fun in combining his front and back jet sections.

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