Marvel Mighty Muggs Wave 4

The Fantastic Four, minus one.

Hey everyone, Landon here. Updatedude’s allowing me to join in on the plasti-fun, so I’ll be reviewing some stuff from my personal favorite toy: Hasbro’s Mighty Muggs.

The little dudes are a bit of a love/hate thing with the fans: the fans are either good-natured beings who love them or soulless demons who hate them. I personally dig them, mainly because of they’re a cheap alternative to the whole urban vinyl/designer toy phenomenon. Muggs ooze with style, usually.

For this review, I’ll be taking a look at wave 4 of the Mavel line of Muggs, which focused around Fantastic Four-related characters: The Human Torch, The Silver Surfer, and Galactus.


As you can see, Surfer comes with his very own cosmic boogey board. There’s a peg on it that slips right into the hole built into every Mighty Mugg’s right foot, meaning that any given Mugg can catch some galactic waves if they can wrest the board from Surfer’s silvery grasp.

When you’re out cruising the starways looking for wrongs to right to atone for your buffet-creating sins, you aren’t going to be smiling much, so the trademark “cutsey faces” you usually see on Muggs just wouldn’t work for Surfer. Thankfully, Surfer also has his trademark stoic expression. It’s still a heart-warming nonchalant glare, but it fits out intergalactic defender.

My only criticism of Surfer is the fact that his sliver body doesn’t lend itself to standing out in the proverbial crowd. There’s a good amount of detail in his paint scheme that accentuates his features, but from a distance he looks a bit like a silver paperweight on a big emory board. He doesn’t quite “pop” the way many Muggs tend to, but he’s still a very appropriate interpretation of Galactus’ ex-herald.

3.5 out of 5

The Human Torch

Johnny Storm is up next, representing the Fantastic Four proper. Obviously, the thing that stands out the most about Torchy is the plume of translucent, flame-like plastic sprouting from the top of his head. This does a good job of recreating Johnny’s flame-like appearance, but at the same time I feel that it’s the weakest part of his overall design.

The paintjob depicting Johnny’s flames is pretty snazzy. There’s several hues of yellow, orange, and red used to create the flames, and they capture that cartoon-like fire style pretty well. I kind of wish they used a similar paint job for Johnny’s fireplume, rather than leaving the plastic as is. I get why they went that route, but despite a tiny hint of red at the peaks of the flame, the plastic is a little too monochrome compared to the rest of the Mugg. Regardless, this is a minor gripe.

Besides, that cocky, Lando-Mugg-like smile makes up for any weaknesses.

4.5 out of 5


He eats planets. He destroys civilizations. He existed before this universe was created.

He’s also damn adorable.

I love Galactus’ helmet. I was worried that his helmet would be flimsy and removable, much like Darth Vader’s helmet or Thor’s hair-met. Thankfully, not only is Galactus’ helmet glued on, it also has a good deal of “weight” to it. I hope they do more “big-headed” types in this manner.

As for the Mugg’s design, Galactus is one of my favorites. I love his smug, disgusted, superior look. He’s practically looking down on you, criticising your very existence. And his classic blue and purple proto=Barney color scheme is duplicated perfectly. If he weren’t so sociopathic and ever-hungry, he could host elder god birthday parties.

I don’t think he liked that last comment…

Still, Galactus is one of the best Muggs released. Totally awesome.

5 out of 5

Johnny’s catching Surfer’s waves.

God and Herald discuss dinining out. Surfer suggests McEarth’s.


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  1. updatedude says:

    Darn your superior reviewing style. Might have to emulate it for my upcoming.

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