Universe Scout Airazor

Brooklyn Raaaaaaaage!

Hasbro Transformers Universe (Classics 2.0) Scout-class Airazor, from the Universe Combiners Gift Set (according to my TRU brochure). I’m always left wondering how to call these toys in the title sometimes. Ah well. The mold for Airazor (and Air Raid from the same set) here was originally used for Windrazor and Threadshot from the old Energon line. Of course, Airazor is most probably definitely meant to be Slingshot, seeing as he’s the only one from the set not named after one of the original Aerielbots (Slingshot being the odd name out) and he shares roughly the same color scheme as Slingshot. Presumably Hasbro lost the naming rights to Slingshot. Thence, this figure shall hereby be referred to forthwith as Slingshot for the length of this review.

Just as Silverbolt was afraid of heights because he was originally a low flying cargo jet, Slingshot spoke with a Brooklyn accent because he came from the alien metal planet (of Cybertron) equivalent of Brooklyn, nyeah. And speaking of Silverbolt and Slingshot, while Silverbolt was the official leader of the Aerielbots in the original cartoon, it was clear that the other members followed Slingshot’s lead. If Silverbolt said they should fight the Decepticons, the other Aerielbots would wait for Slingshot to tell them to “Let’s go kick some afterburners!” before going. On the other hand, if Silverbolt said they should rescue their friends from being smelted and used to make paper clips, and Slingshot said he felt like playing Pong, everyone would just break out the old Atari.

Slingshot’s most notable appearance would involve him befriending a street rat who turned out to be a deposed prince, and using the little TERRORIST to SABOTAGE a giant flying robo-sphinx and steal/smuggle its weapons console to Slingshot (who was being tentacle raped by said giant flying robo-sphinx’s hair at the time… I am not making this up… much).

In the third season, just like the rest of the Aerielbots, Slingshot would be relegated to drone status… and the rest, is nothing.

Slingshot is probably the one most reminiscent to his G1 counterpart (after Air Raid), which makes his official name of Airazor all the more ironic. Silverbolt, Skydive and Fireflight basically look nothing like their namesakes (though the latter are VERY cool as their eventual reviews will reveal). While I feel either the Skydive or Fireflight molds would have been a better fit for him, but at least he’s mostly white, which matches with the original Slingshot.

Slingshot’s vehicle mode is a vaguely F-22 Raptor type jet, much like Energon Starscream or Movie Starscream. Although unlike those other two, he’s actually kind of… cute. Oh, he’s relatively well proportioned, but he’s still a tiny cartoony jet, so being cute is always an inherent risk. And interesting thing about the colors of his legs is that they serve to emulate the pattern on the wings of the original Slingshot. Nice. Overall, a sufficient vehicle mode.

Transformation is nothing to scream about, it’s simple but I like it. It reminds me of the kind of transformations you saw in the old Masterforce cartoons. And I’ve always found those to be the most aesthetically pleasing transformation styles.

So onto robot mode, and here’s where Slingshot really does shine. He looks little like Slingshot (again, Skydive/Fireflight mold would have fit better here, especially with their “bald” heads), but that hardly matters in the face of a really well done basic. He just looks as good as a jet Transformer ought to be, and he doesn’t have any weird proportion or appearance problems like other basics, like say, Energon Skyblast or Energon Arcee.

Articulation is where he also shines. He’s got a head that turns 360 and his shoulders, elbows, hips and knees are all on balljoints, giving him an excellent range of motion. This is all supported by big feet that can swing up and down, to provide balance in a variety of poses. What’s more, while the back of his legs are filled out and not hollow, there is a little depression on the back of his calves that lets Slingshot bend his knees a tad past the 90 degree mark. Although this is offset by tiny little pegs on his forearms that prevent him from bending his elbows a full 90 degrees.

Slingshot’s fun factor is mostly confined to him just being an all round solid figure, and there’s nothing wrong with that. He’s a good jet, with a pretty decent transformation and a very good robot mode.

3.75 out of 5.

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