Universe Skydive

I’m not pink, I’m lightish red.

Skydive (and Fireflight) is a basic/scout-class figure which originated from the Energon line. Of course, this version is from the Universe (Classics 2.0) Combiner Gift Set. To my knowledge, like Airazor, there haven’t been many repaints of this guy, although I believe there’s a Transformers Collectors Club version out there.

Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing I can say about Skydive as a character. How silly of me, I got Skydive and Air Raid mixed up. It seems there IS something to say about Skydive, especially since he was my favorite Aerialbot. Granted, I was never a big fan of the Aerialbots and even being my favorite of the crew, there isn’t much to say about him. And I’m clearly just padding this paragraph… … … now I’m padding it with dots, ha-ha, see the dots? … … … Okay, onto Skydive.

I’ll begin with why I consider him my favorite Aerialbot. In the episode “Aerial Assault”, Skydive offered to use himself as bait to catch a group of jet thieves. As a kid, I thought it was a levelheaded and tactically smart thing to do. Unlike Silverbolt, who was kind of a pathetic wuss, or the other Aerialbots, who were jerkasses, Skydive seemed like a reasonable sort. And I really wanted to like the Aerialbots, I really did. They were the only Autobot combiner team at the time, and I felt obligated to like them. So Skydive’s the one I latched onto. It also didn’t hurt that his Marvel/Universe bio said he was an avid fan of tactics and strategy, which was a plus for a Romance of the Three Kingdoms fan like myself.

But besides that, yeah, there’s nothing to talk about Skydive really. He didn’t really do much in that ep, since it was a Slingshot-centric ep. He was about as arbitrary to the G1 mythos as the remaining Aerialbots; Air Raid and Fire Flight.

I must apologize, I made a mistake in the Slingshot/Airazor review. Slingshot is indeed the only one who even midly resembles his G1 counterpart. I’ve been mixing up Skydive with Air Raid.

Anyway, a few years ago, Hasbro/Takara followed up on the Armada line of Transformer toys with Energon. They designed a bunch of characters for it which looked pretty good on paper, such as Energon Prime, and the Powerlinxing Deluxes. Unfortunately, a terrible mishap occurred at their sweatsh factories. While mixing up the chemicals to produce the plastic for the toys, they added too much of Chemical-S(uck) into the first batch, resulting in Fatimus Prime and the Pelvis-less Powerlinxing Deluxes.

But the line must go on. And toward the end of the Energon series, new characters were introduced, requiring that a new batch of plastic be mixed up. This new batch of plastic, would be formed using the leftover chemicals from the earlier run. Meaning that it was composed of less Chemical-S, which was used up by the earlier run. And more of Chemical-A(WESOME).

Thus, Skydive here, was created. He may be pink light-ish red, but he’s still made of Chemical-A.

In vehicle mode, Skydive is a cool… jet, of some sort. It’s the same kind as the type Ultra Powerglide and COBRA uses. In fact, it’d be neat to see repaints of this mold as either. I’d totally love to army-build a squadron of COBRA inspired decoes of this toy. It’s also neat in that it has a twin-gun turret at the bottom, which you can’t see in my pics but it’s there. And it’s well integrated. And speaking of guns, this little dude’s well armed with a machine cannon beneath the nosecone and the huge energon cannons you can attach to him.

Transformation is unusually involved for a basic/scout-class, but this is actually when my love for this toy began. The moment I started transforming him, I fell in love with Skydive. It’s not a hard transformation, in fact, it’s very straightforward. But there’s enough twists to keep it interesting, and the payoff does not disappoint at all. Not just that, but this guy’s transformation is on par with that of a good Deluxe, and puts some Voyagers and Ultras to absolute shame.

Robot mode not only continues the awesomeness, but is in fact, the most awesome of Skydive’s awesomeness. As you can see, the light-piping works, though nowhere near as well as Cyclonus’ or Galvatron’s. But hey, if you don’t like shiny eyes, you can just cover ‘em up with his visor… which SHOOT LASERS! Pew! Pew!

See, toys are meant to be fun and stimulate the imagination. And that’s easy to do with Skydive. Sure, he’s pink light-ish red, but so is Dan Hibiki, who is the epitome of manliness. And you know what else is manly? Those little protrusion thingies on his backpack which could pass for lasers, not to mention his gun turret goggles, and his foot-machine-gun. And his energon twin energy blasters. And his Tornado Knuckle BUSTAH! And yes, he’s articulated enough to pull one off, and speaking of articulation…

Skydive’s articulated with balljointed shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. His head turns, his ankles move up and down and he even has waist articulation, which is a rarity in basics (or indeed, Transformers of his “generation”). And as you’d see with the pic, he does a mean Tony Hawk style mid-air tricky 1285 degree ollie nermal garfield. But really, it’s the waist articulation that pushes him into uber territory.

In short, this bot’s tops. I’ve been wanting to be more strict with my reviews. I wanted to go back to the old days where I didn’t hand out perfect scores. But despite being pink, or at best, like grape flavored yogurt. Skydive still manages to be made of win (and Chemical-A). I don’t think such a great toy can even have a bad color scheme, and I’ve pictured it with neon yellow and green. The mold itself is that good. Shame that it looks nothing like any of the original Aerialbots.

But yeah, I didn’t want to start passing out perfect scores again. I even tried justifying to myself to give Skydive fewer points because Fire Flight has a better color scheme. But… I can’t. Skydive deserves…

5 out of 5.

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