Star Wars Mighty Muggs: Grand Moff Tarkin and Count Dooku

AKA: The Hammer Horror Wave

Sadly, Hasbro didn’t have the foresight to release Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing in the same wave. Dooku was released in Wave 5, along with the other Clone Wars-centered Muggs, while Tarkin was released in the unthemed Wave 6.  Regardless, we’ll be having a little fun with Dracula and Van Helsing with this review.

Grand Moff Tarkin

I have to admit a certain bias in favor of Tarkin. He’s the dude that ordered the explodiness of Alderaan. He pushed around Vader in ways that The Emperor never dreamed. He’s one of the coolest “minor” Star Wars character.

Even cooler than Boba Fett. </sacrilege>

That said, Tarkin’s a bit plain. He’s a no-frills Mugg. No accessories, no added bits, just the Mugg and the paint job. Tarkin’s coolness, as far as his Mugging goes, depends solely on how well the paint job depicts this vampire hunter turned Sith bullier.

Despite his paint job consisting mostly of gray tones (much like Silver Surfer from my previous review), Tarkin has a bit of “pop” to his design. His body is admittedly simple. His Imperial uniform is fairly accurately recreated, and the lack of color (save for the splash of color coming from his rank badge thingie) makes him blend in a bit when in a Mugg line up.

Tarkin’s “pop” comes from the head region.

Tarkin’s face was distinctly angular, a shape that is in sharp contrast to the Mugg figure’s chubby, bloby design. Despite this, Tarkin’s Mugg nails that skeleton-like appearance. The jaw lines are made to appear sunken, and the darkness around his eyes make the eyes appear to be deep within his skull. For a Mugg, he looks awfully skinny in the face.

Also, that receding hairline is an excellent touch. Without his retreating hair, he wouldn’t look quite as stern and perturbed. If he had a full head of hair and told me he was going to blow up my planet, I wouldn’t believe him.

Like I said, I’m a bit biased, but I think Tarkin’s Mugg does a good job of taking a rather unremarkable design and making it work. I wouldn’t blame you if you passed him up for one of the flashier Muggs, but don’t blame me when you wake up one day to the sound of a million voices crying out, only to be immediately silenced.

4 out of 5

Count Dooku

For an old dude, Dooku’s really packing the goods.  A lightsaber, a cape, AND force lightning? Dude, I don’t care if you led the bad guys from the new trillogy that eventually became the good guys in the good trillogy, you can share the extras wealth.

Despite the overload of Jedi bling, Dooku is a rather drab Mugg, much like his nemesis-in-another-world Tarkin. Dooku leans more in the brown direction than Tarkin’s gray, but like Tarkin he’s lacking in color. Again, like Tarkin, Dooku’s “pop” comes from the facial region.

Dooku’s facial hair really adds to his style factor. It also helps that his overall facial design mirrors that of the Clone Wars CG TCV show. The angular lines, especially when it comes to his long, narrow nose, really helps to make his face all the more furious with rebellious anger.

Unfortunately, Dooku doesn’t have a decapitatable head. That’s the only feature he seems to be lacking. In fact, once you factor in all of his extra goodies, that’s the only real complaint I can make about this Mugg. Dooku’s one of the better Star Wars Muggs out there.

5 out of 5

Die, Dracula Die!

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