Universe Voyager Inferno

Inferno… FIRE GUTS!


There isn’t much I can say about Inferno. He was the resident firetruck character. Whenever a Decepticon attack set fire to some installation, Inferno was there to put the fires out. Fortunately, the Decepticons attacked a lot of military and scientific installations, making Inferno slightly more relevant than Aquaman. Still, there isn’t much to say about him. I’d recommend this vid for your Inferno character needs. There’s a good bit of trivia there.


Now here I have some stuff to say. Honestly, I was going to give Inferno a miss. From the initial pictures, I thought he was going to be a fat, Energon Deluxe/Prime style figure. A tub of robo-lard with no crotch and relatively spindly limbs.

Of course, I was wrong. While Inferno is a “wide” character, and he’s only semi-hiding his crotchlessness, he’s got big beefy limbs that give him an almost body builder-like look to him. Sort of like those World Strongest Man guys, some of whom have huge guts, but it’s all muscle. Speaking of guts, that’s another thing really appealing about Inferno. He’s extremely retro. Not retro in the 80s sense, but retro in the 90s sense. He has a very GaoGaiGar GutsyGadGuard type feel to him due to his blockiness. It’s very appealing, and to fans of those shows, I can imagine why he’d be a toy to gush over.

Articulation is tops. Head is on a balljoint, shoulders are ratcheted, and able to swing outwards in addition to spinning 360. There’s a bicep cut, but because his chest is so wide, and the arms are set a little to the back from his chest, it’s cumbersome to do cross chest action. Elbows bend and wrists turn. There’s no waist articulation, but he’s got a nice swiveling/swinging hips combo attached to these swinging platform things, so you don’t need a cut at the thigh for crosslegged action. They have full range of motion, especially since the skirt flap is articulated. Knees bend, as do “toes” and he’s even got this neat ankle articulation. The joints for it are “internal”, so his actual feet don’t move.

Play value is high with an underarm projectile launching “water” cannon. The flaps on his shoulders are have full range of movement, so you can move them either out of the way or to accentuate the figure. The forearm guards also make a nifty pair of shields as well.

Transformation is middle of the road in terms of difficulty. On the one hand, there’s a lot of paneling, but on the other, nothing’s really a mystery. There’s no trick or annoying multi-step sequence to follow. Just move everything as they’re supposed to move and you’ll get your product. Whether it be from vehicle to robot or vice versa. I’ve mentioned how I like the animated transformations from the old Transformers Masterforce series, and thought they were amongst the best transformations stylistically. Inferno would fit in with them, save with so many panels involved, he overshoots the target a little. But it’s still all good in the hood.

Firetruck mode… it’s a firetruck. Whoop-de-doo. I mean, it’s a nice firetruck, but still, it’s a firetruck. There’s nothing I can say about it except that it’s a nice firetruck with no over-obvious robo-kibble.


Inferno is hot stuff.

A robot mode who’s way better than he has to be. He’s got the double whammy of nostalgia and retro. He’s fun with lots of minor options in how you configure him. A very “complete” transformation, and a good vehicle mode. He’s also big and beefy, which is a nice change of pace from the recent trend of Voyagers who don’t seem to be much larger than Deluxes.

If you’re totally into sleek Gundam-style designs or movie style butt ugliness, Inferno might not be your cup of tea, for the rest of us, he’s pretty gosh dang good.

4.5 out of 5.

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